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  • 00:00: hello my dear women today we the next gear about waist otherwise how will we maintain a share of the for life and I will I show very simple exercise today to be your assistant to the fight for my waist my name Irina and 1 I am the creator of hit books books for simple life exercise very I simply see it I do such movements
  • 00:31: I mill I see one call hand goes up and down thing to do Now this here when you draw here this here Circle Circle must be great that it turns out you can see when we both circles start drawing on came the beginning see now so try to go If we start like walk we thought that's what moves longer moves us that she became thins here is my
  • 01:02: normal gait when I walk It means dog first what I do I go I I go I draw two circles on parties then I turn to drawing circles around the abdomen that is, You see what I'm doing hands go up and down as the stomach after I I am doing exercise that their Drumsticks these are the fact that here we are it did before 2 goes down and up and We then legs
  • 01:34: change while also with the waist look that whether made of steel door right and left twisting occurs one way or twisting It helps keep us thin waist again repeat first circles large circles as we go later circles around the abdomen large circles exciting of it chest and abdomen ago Here is such a gait with circles and you Time goes by that is, it's not just you well you are doing hands still go feet right left right left
  • 02:05: left right right do's last drum sticks you see and our whole body begins move next I will show a small exercise Ali It depends on the posture very quickly would be very much better than we posture at the thinner us whether so I very often I walk hands back to the manhole Here and in this I go to the state right to left, right to left right left right left so
  • 02:35: way we in fact Italy All too move and posture very direct and the last exercise today it is exercise for the chest what we are doing hands put back put them on the back and relaxes and now look we raise thorax and omit stops it down, see that It obtained in the department frozen We lowered raised frozen lowered raised Call like when and
  • 03:07: freezes whether it becomes thinner lowered rose frozen We lowered raised frozen lowered Now relax a little shook all body around very well do not what is the shimmy shimmy of oriental dance movement when we alternately start little lodge that you saw bend legs at the knees we see the bend left right at the same time further greatly
  • 03:37: we are moving hands We can put gently on both sides here at We reached the bus and it the movement is everything Quick Quick accelerated's over time when you relax whole body It is important to Relaxation means at you that this scheme it goes from the feet will move all more up your They eventually all body you begin move and that's it to catch it
  • 04:07: each movement she woman his I do on heels and without heels sometimes need knock heels sometimes you need to step up to the wall of the building here but all absolutely have to on the other hand need to very much relax a movement if you Repeat one or two moments that you have first lost fat very it is important for a woman especially around belly and around your thighs second means in the lymph You will RSUH Lenka
  • 04:39: circulate better It means complexion improve and then 3 your muscles around Breast they will be more hard because very very hard hard to think exercises that raised breasts then here's what these I do a breast or chest tightened good back straight and then you present women books books Bill simple life Irina Bjorn and your friend
  • 05:09: teacher to healthy beautiful life to goodbye meet