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  • 00:00: Hello dear Subscribers today we We analyze with you tailoring Children's dresses fluffy skirt for that we I need you about 30 centimeters lace about 75 organza 20 centimeters centimeters in addition to the belt organza 30 centimeters jersey and grab a skirt about 40 centimeters of fittings us need thread
  • 00:31: doormat and lace for and not for tilting good about 8 meters in the afternoon many of us fluffy skirt after that we build general pattern detailed description Article lesson, read and since the game is 1 and 1 is 0 details before and the number of unit we lace stretch for the number 1 and This lace is It does not extend under the number 2 back to the music and
  • 01:02: number 3 of this soup and so impose the pattern on the fabric and cut parts naturally remaining allowances stitches about we get front part of you lace and knitwear not just details the back of the living or knits etc. we grind all grind means sew shoulder and
  • 01:32: side seams, and before and back then on We iron out sew look like this It has done over the fleet and the same manipulation we perform with our knitting lined grind iron out further we grind with lining base fabric look like on perfect and then contortion We boil our joints and then lace
  • 02:03: Lining we cut out the pattern number three player number three is us sleeve put our Circuits and grind cuff further we ironed fabric side lined and approximately 2 mm by folding the edges do further postponement We grind up our sleeve in side seam look like this shown live and live and here is our gut-wrenching
  • 02:34: wing arm ready We boil our joints then we tack wing arm Ukraine small business assembly and grind and necessarily all deal boil proceed Kvitki skirt we will bilayer so our piece of the body well, cut into two equal segments take one of the segments is not We do the assembly for
  • 03:04: that we do line on a typewriter even if you newcomer is desirable make two lines there stepping from one other floor centimeters centimeter previously ease of need ease tension thread on the machine and pulling the strings we form the orcs the resulting layer We sew our top dress refer to sew
  • 03:34: straight lace and jersey given to him preparing a lower layer making assembly of 2 cutting and organza our lined see connect the two assembly dead, and only then to sew curtains layer upwards flour products as shown and be sure to watch for to our folders not appeared We start in the middle and treat shock here
  • 04:05: Our skirt is ready Further we do line approximately 10 centimeters along line here is how shown that's to called and educated slight smell when we will tie from our bank belt Now everything is possible and turn to steam Bus is our view of science about a dozen the folds of the contribution given they lined and
  • 04:35: treat lace all lessons by not processing look additional other video etc. persistent back the middle seam boil it and only then when back seam with us we stitched We treat the bottom lace January 2 layers and so We proceed to the belt cut off two pieces organza one in waist length plus allowances in the second well, about 2-3 times take a large width
  • 05:05: about chest girth we divide by 2 and adds 6 to 10 cm We do grouping and We sew the end our class also drapery and tailoring see paise other thread in and a crowd of us sew our article Now note loops in the options we can be cut use air loop, too see lessons loops
  • 05:35: on the website or here on and cuffs skewer you visas loops do not pay attention away or between pugovichkami a loop of about 45 centimeters is for to create build on our future cuffs When sewing buttons of sew beads and here such a wonderful platishko usual in we get it in We hemmed cuffs about decorate dresses
  • 06:05: additionally flower Master Class statuette also you can see more videos generally all links We see under Now our dress ready Rinse and I believe that all the necessary get good luck and happiness