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Transfer of video from phone or video camera on the computer - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:11: how to copy transfer video from mobile phone on computer Cell phones increasingly used not only as means for calls modern cameras phone allows shoot video clips good enough quality storage and video processing
  • 00:30: filmed on mobile phone it is necessary to throw videos in a computer in order to copy or postpone video mobile phone to the computer In the first case, you need a computer yusb cable and phone inside which memory card
  • 01:07: connect the phone with via usb-cable to computer insert mini-jack in phone port normal connector insert the corresponding port computer we wait until the emergence of Window screen choice of activities that can be produce with phone
  • 01:36: So we opened Two startup window depending on the location select video window memory of phone or card memory is possible take advantage of one of the proposed options for action eg import Image and video
  • 02:01: using windows note if you put tick remove and then import you permanently remove and videos from your telephone so but be careful it is convenient when the data is needed transfer digital camera or camcorder so that's
  • 02:33: way windows import files whereupon Open the folder with imported video opening We file location We see the video saved on computer on the folder which we ask when setting parameters but there are more imports convenient way import wherein
  • 03:00: You can import only selected video files to the startup screen choose open folder to view files in the opened folder and double click Video folders to opening so we
  • 03:30: Open folder with video now we have only to discover that folder in which we will rip I see choosing the right video and drag it to the folder window and then release the mouse button or click on selected seen Right-click select item copy etc. go to the folder in we copy click on the video free space Right-click and select item
  • 04:01: insert this here we copy files from the phone a computer the next moment how to throw a video
  • 04:31: of the video camera on PC today technically progress has led to Besides that, you can forget what a video tape videocassette and Video Player Now you can shoot digital video and store and view it Just on a personal computer in order to transfer video files from the camera to a computer there are several ways but the most simple ones, this file transfer through
  • 05:01: data-cable or different cable yusb for this you need yusb Seeding the cable It has the original ROM that comes as standard complete at the time of buying camcorder for install drivers first step connect camcorder to a personal computer for this
  • 05:31: insert the data cable one end appropriate connector on the camera usually next to him shows yusb icon and another input to yuizbi computer can via usb extender Wait a second step until the computer will determine connected to it camcorder then before your screen appears AutoPlay potential actions over
  • 06:00: camcorder files in the selection window actions over video files stored on the camera select line open by clicking on the left button mouse once after then press ok located at the bottom window will appear in front of you browser window files and folders stored on the drive video camera in it
  • 06:31: Open the folder video title specific name folder depends on the brand and the manufacturer camcorder after before you will see a folder It contains the actual video select files from them who need copied to computer to select the files you want hold down control then press keyboard shortcut
  • 07:00: Kontra c on keyboard to copy selected files to the system clipboard also copy Selected files can be clicking on it files right mouse once and choosing from the menu line copy After you I copied the files to Clipboard visit folder on your computer which must be transfer video sign in to the
  • 07:30: directory, press keyboard shortcut You are on dissent keyboard to insert the copied files in order to insert files can also be click on the chosen on an empty folder place right mouse and choose pop-up menu line inserted note if after compound camcorder Computer nothing It was meant to computer is not installed drivers camcorder that
  • 08:01: offer mutual work devices cameras and A computer's drivers usually supplied on the disk that I should go to complete with camcorder copy or transfer video from mobile phone and video camera on the computer can also be another way in case when the computer does not see you phone
  • 08:31: need a computer yusb cable and card reader + Adapter and memory card card reader is for the reader memory cards as well as other e-cards very different appointment especially smart cards and flash cards plug computer via usb-port enough inserted into the card reader
  • 09:00: card and the computer immediately He sees it identified as removable drive exist enough different models reader they can be suspended divided into reader and work with one view memory mono and card readers reader and working with several kinds Memory cartoon Kartli you