To sew a sundress in a cage in 1 hour

To sew a sundress in a cage in 1 hour  See details »

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  • 00:00: elegant dress sundress made of wool and warm and make style make this can be their own hands and just over an hour in based on two blood rectangle back and shelf make a round throat saved shoulder pads and high lateral incision Tallinn will gather at gum need just one and a half meters wool width 140 centimeters of I have a simple model I offer to take soft wool beautiful bright cell which never
  • 00:30: out of fashion and the dress made of this fabric It will serve you more than one year Fold the fabric face inside and shoot only one yardstick hip girth cut out dress very easy to start with foundation draw a rectangle a width equal to halves measurements hips plus six centimeters We put a label holding a line through it cut off the excess
  • 01:01: and cut the cloth on fold the two add up rectangle again so It came four bed in the corner Draw the neck and slightly rounded hanger cut neck on the shelf We are doing a little deeper
  • 01:33: connect the shoulder note seams on the sides armhole depth It is 30 centimeters and sews until buckled inward edge so I need a serger From the left side We do not leave stitched 80 centimeters for cut throat We treat oblique at beika
  • 02:01: waist is approximately 55 centimeters of shoulder point sew from kuliske silk and reserve gum new thing can try on We emphasize the waist belt wear and how dress with a blouse like sundress way It costs this beauty only a thousand rubles Olga nikishicheva Alexander Korchinskiy first channel