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How to knit "Азиатский колосок" spokes. Lessons for beginners - YouTube  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:04: Now I'll show you how to knit Asian spikelet sample We recruit the number of loops 6 times apart edge loops do not recruit first distal edge remove further knit all facial hinge 1 series we will consisting of the front loops
  • 00:30: and so knit to the end series 2 row knit all purl loops, these two rows will be serve us foundation in 3 rows begin to knit our spica and so knit to the end series 3 series an edge
  • 01:02: remove and knit 5 facial loops 3 4 5 only spoke with us should have together with the edge 6 loops will continue knit stripes rim will be of 6 loop height stripes will be 10 rows what we knit first row below overturn our work and knit those
  • 01:30: six loops second row knit all purl and facial ranks with us will facial will purl knit purl Further knit third number of stripes at all we get 10 rows then the fourth row
  • 02:00: all Wrong loops Further knit number 5 Only six loops
  • 02:33: and continue as knit until we have get 10 rows Knit in stripes 10 rows proceed to the next row provyazyvaem all these six loops facial Further on the left spokes provyazyvaem three facial loop cougars start to knit
  • 03:02: following stripes purl row in us whether you need these three loop not provyazyvat leave on the same needles and knit only six loops here such stripes we will be obtained overturn knit second job number 2 all stripes purl provyazyvaem only six loops 3 loops leave on the left
  • 03:30: So we spoke 6 knit loops 3 loop reserve turn over to the front side and We start provyazyvat The six loops the third row and so knit ten rows fourth row knit
  • 04:00: all purl 3 4 5 6 March loop we are provyazyvaem only six loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 So we knit number 5 So we will bind until we have
  • 04:30: provyazyvaem 10 rows provyazat 10 rows 2 stripes proceed knitting third stripes 3 loops us We need to leave on the right spokes and 3 loop taken from the base web provyazyvaem first row all facial 2 3 4 5 6 and add 3 loops with the base web
  • 05:00: 789 then turn over to second row on wrong and provyazyvaem 6 loops purl 1 2 3 4 5 6 3 loop 2 polosochki reserve on the left spoke then turn over 3 knit the front row
  • 05:33: one two three 4 May six then backing 4 one two three and six-May 4 so I will knit until We will not turn 10
  • 06:00: ranks fifth row front January 2 3 4 5 10 knit rows 3 stripes repeat the same as with previous loop 3 We will keep on and right spokes 3 loops to seize the base web
  • 06:35: 123 overturn knit 6 backstitches leaving Three hinges on the left spokes 3 4 5 6 3 3 Loop stripes we reserve turn over to third row, and so we continue to knit
  • 07:00: stripes until we about knit all hinges on Left spoke of 10 rows each stripes Knit 10 rows stripes in the past We spoke on the left remaining 6 loops all of them in the eleventh row stripes provyazyvaem facial here is a first row slips we got
  • 07:34: knit the next row all purl loop all loops silence spoke all 3 here they are each with stripes provyazyvaem seamy
  • 08:26: connect all stripes in a row and so we continue to knit
  • 08:31: to the end of the series Connect all stripes backstitches provyazyvaem number of rows facial
  • 09:05: and so knit to the end a number of knit series facial start knit stripes only now We begin to knit with of the back of a number of to our stripes We are looking the other side to be like spike provyazyvaem 6 loops seamy
  • 09:39: then turn our work and provyazyvaem The six loops a height of 10 rows
  • 10:03: Now we are even series will be a facial not even the ranks will be purl knit third row seamy fourth row facial and well knit yet we do not have 10 Knit 10 rows
  • 10:32: rows of stripes in Wrong number We repeat the same that of the rim we facial ranks 3 loops we need will leave on and right spokes 3 loops knit with the ground paintings one two three four five of six and three loops
  • 11:00: provyazyvaem with the base web 789 We repeat the same as in facial stripes glasses then provyazyvaem 6 loops facial leaving spokes 3 loops 3 here at We got 6 then loops we continue to knit second stripes knit just like
  • 11:31: and facial stripes only purl loops Here was the beginning facial ranks of these bands glasses will beginning in backstitches ranks and so we continue to knit yet we do not have 10 series when to knit the second striped begin knit third striped, and so will we knit to the end of all
  • 12:00: sts on needles here such Asian spike we It obtained knit with a few slips of the back of a number we We see that these bands have We look different side is not forgotten The following bands are with facial loops Asian spike very popular connected in such a painting technique get volume lush and well for scarves and caps