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Humpback salmon How to salt a humpback salmon of the house of video from Petr de Cril'on - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: us we Well herself and advice and you are asked to whereas for securities fishermen faith go Today on the channel Omsk recipes from Peter to karilliona
  • 00:30: we will show you a movie as the salt you have in Specifically, we today We will be salted toys very fresh just caught watermelon course you you can use not only revenue and You can make fillets can of pink salmon use head alone can use necessarily pink salmon coho and then lumps blunt any other red fish which built up the scale will be but really, we reserve
  • 01:00: most delicious the best we We decided to plant jumping, they have been their refrigerator little need to wipe the blood using paper napkins and towels wipe them carefully to them it was less than blood in the water cutting board 3 also came 2 wipes review all the rest to
  • 01:33: pickle salmon we need to so many salmon us take only 2 spoon without a roller coaster here is no slides and Here is a spoon with large hill then later we need lemon but to discourage such the smell of a sharp rap so it was nice bush
  • 02:00: she will so tasty and school even if the children and that shifting to We have laid out pals take a cup and prepare mixture take quarrel sex with a spoon slide pour Abram take sugar and without Slides pour spoon 2 sugar all carefully mix we obtain such
  • 02:31: sweet crystal the structure is more convenient a power mixture month from such Chinese or cat or a stick but plastic is very comfortable style interfered Bukovina knead mass of the people to It did not work and so the fish was see you cry marine recipes Peter it to the Queen on
  • 03:00: channel marine Peter recipes you Queen to visit our guests sign up put the huskies good place comments you g can visit our site marine rice times karilliona and it is our if you find our the video is not on our Online means it video someone already with us skomunizdil him nothing wrong can see there God then to find us see our good video on sonic because it is very easy
  • 03:31: memorized firm sony which produces Cameras then PDA is and dot com Come, we are waiting for you our precious pack of 10 friends in Chemistry home to wash and Put the abdomens Put the jumping cloth fish strangers down all leaving small Space is something I got here on a salt and
  • 04:00: salted about this one here obzorchik and take it We take our solution sugar and salt and liberally sprinkle our and especially do not be afraid Sept as though want because how much to fish and how will so even if you We pride epithet will author what terrible will spoil only time you will control time time she so u It split into many
  • 04:31: how much you want Of course, it is desirable spilling it everywhere good tense rest so powder neatly I'm very comfortable here such ribs platter smooth whether I have killed I will show you take the fillets and salmon chum Henge, from or larger image and sound bother is a separate song is about taking
  • 05:00: one jump and pick up neatly and then steal top take a cloth be careful wrap it all economy in the neat cloth queue neat envelope further take the bag and
  • 05:32: if you do not snow You pull out a can buy any bag Paladin and take it wrap neatly Well here they are not to be smother and still open cooling chamber
  • 06:00: refrigerator and fish laid let a third rosettes Cooling chamber let preparing We leave it here on the day after days open refrigerator gat our invention salted salmon unfold over ears they are just there shed cloth rapid finds unfold neatly and pay
  • 06:30: look almost odorless there is no circle in knowing rare and taught a embellishment caramel shaped such 2 salty leap sugar residues of salt it is desirable not to remove since we are reserve for another further promotion open them for to check how they not start well the normal smell fine take lemon he needs to to any like It has the known
  • 07:00: specific taste many people to it usually fight off Are I especially salmon repair on horseback and cut it natural lemon We will risk the current so we shall sprinkle as we have a question there are very few reason to bang on what I think leaving enough piquancy
  • 07:30: even the seeds of lemon and abdomen again We add up and get but again, cellophane I did not through the package and we mark again cooling chamber refrigerator 2 After two days extract salt paw she no longer need and we develop clean our nation oil
  • 08:00: track your us fresh salmon July open from sumptuously salted bellies it they remove seeds and Monna Put the abdomens remove section rib bones abdomen 2 to make more meat on the friend Of course you can do it
  • 08:30: the American I have one such Fillet knife and cut fully rib bones with the flesh then we will meat is very little you can note that after landing the fish was very red at first like fish Pasadena I became here a little plaid plaid it to the weapon when it is you buy you do not store pay attention that salted fish I again to color what would it it is perfectly the first sign that I fish paints Tormasov
  • 09:01: Rem up to here such colors well after as it will cut did not notice that at 10 cut this pleasant and can but these jumps and make the shelves have drained little wigs you can do it wilted do well to to give her We thin his cheeks consume it is desirable to remove take and shoot leave on the same
  • 09:30: most fish night use little can simply substitute That is why God shooting shooting leaving subcutaneous fat very fat part of it is separated but a little worse better to leave itself we and the most delicious just the place he was getting wonderful we can cut it here such unctuous
  • 10:00: names cut here such thin plates immediately turn to get such fine records not a sandwich You can just take impose Japanese fish fork subject shinkuem semicircles
  • 10:32: sprinkles around found Now you need to add Here we take a unrefined scent oil of Rostov region but to send our grandmother add three teaspoons oil on a the number on top decorate with dill
  • 11:00: shore standing lemon cut off for odor and wherein We learn salty salmon and more specifically belly of salted home pink salmon Bon Appetit you from the subway to the blood and if you like recipe from the Recorder's to our feed
  • 11:30: subscribe to our site marine risk of loss wing at the start of huskies we will review happy and excited to you share recipes for to base even tastier we We put on povodit