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Hour of Earth. The simplest that you can make for the planet. On March 29, 2014 at 20:30

Hour of Earth. The simplest that you can make for the planet. On March 29, 2014 at 20:30  See details »

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  • 00:00: On March 29, 20-30 held most Mass in history human action Earth Hour billions of people Worldwide 1 hour switch off the light in the sign indifferent to future of the planet in 2013 year worldwide part of the land took part two billion People from 150 countries action established in 2007 year as a symbol of trouble Rights on
  • 00:30: environment eventually grew the international company Conservation of resources our planet which can take the participation of any person usually share an hour Land encourages people turn off light 1 hour at certain time, but this year on the initiative World Fund wildlife launched a new company which anyone can participation by holding specific conservation project in Russia Earth Hour Company completed holiday on the red area before Red Square
  • 01:00: plunged into darkness start will be given Environment Bike Ride Earth Hour annually supports hundreds famous and prominent people and Russian movement present domestic stars Nikolai Drozdov Garik Mikhail Martirosyan Galustjan Diana Arbenina Anton Komolov group Via gras and other Earth Hour always was and is shares carrying exclusively positive and affecting political issues religious ideological addictions
  • 01:30: company slogan all world for a planet reflects the main essence jointly we can not only attract attention large number of people's issues environment which are relevant for Russia today but solve these problems preserving the unique the nature of our country themselves and future generations that can be done within an hour land in 2014 Now choose and Support voice or money one projects preservation amazing animals Russia
  • 02:00: tell us about the company his close friends and colleagues personally or via sotssetey place banners in your blog or site in Earth Hour turn off the light and are possible appliances 20-30 in their own way local time 29 March Arrange eco candlelight party or other celebration Earth Hour format used to room decorations decoration made their own hands example of orange peel paper or
  • 02:30: used plastic excluding computer or setting in sound quality musical sing with accompaniment friends with a guitar or acapella more information you can find by clicking on the link posted Thanks for the video