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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: I want to show you as a knitted cord Crochet is very beautiful It called pearl first knit 3 air hinges return 1 loop there klyuchok hook provyazyvaem Now a little bit We need to turn knitting in itself and see there can be seen
  • 00:32: two loops located near we captured them and through them, checking you do not point again working thread 2 tabs again We find two loops located near the beginning knitting is not very clearly defined and Here then it will be better Again, these provyazyvaem two loops turning a little recaptured
  • 01:03: working thread and through these two loops, and so continue until the desired length 2 loops 2 loops on hook and again looking 2 eyelets This cord can used as laces shoelaces
  • 01:33: healed items and bottle faceted this cord often treats the edge of the Tunisian knitting because it knitting part usually ends and vertically in such a cord it is very beautiful ie knitted cord sewn edge paintings part of the cord
  • 02:04: apply Irish crochet Irish lace