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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive today Mexican cooking sweet rolls having finished the buns interested before by the fact that they It combines two types of test based on very soft butter yeast dough and crispy top crust that can be different in color different taste in Here I legs galloping 1 and the other with cinnamon very tasty so start dough muffins will prepare oparnym way and doubles fan spokes 113 grams flour is such a meal Sokolnicheskaya 3
  • 00:32: grams instant yeast These are the time garden Gold packs at you can take a list moment in the red but if the pack Take this gold it will be better because the yeast of son tolerant they withstand high the concentration of sugar in test and here we the dough will be very difficult and mix flour and yeast the center of the flour mixture We are doing well, and then here in one volume large egg
  • 01:00: recipe on the need to take 50 grams of eggs add about one tablespoon I added hot water 20 certificates and knead the dough for a couple minimum here important to achieve uniformity is It will help enough like us to that this recipe I found the recipe in Internet in general Book it recipe taken from the Book of Zohar Mexican ken written by Diana Kennedy very good recipe
  • 01:30: the dough is obtained great easy the air is very comfortable and affectionate and at the same time preparation of this Test fit in any chart Life even if you have work has a child Because the test is released to the refrigerator is It takes 8 to 16 hours that is, you can always choose some window and cook Meanwhile the almost finished kneading dough this result get a very
  • 02:00: soft and pleasant and pastry dough rounded put a bowl Cover and leave heat two and a half hours for fermentation I I insert easily room temperature here is a mushroom it is time after 2 hours heat conduction dough obviously come it has become more soft stickier more ductile Petka good stretches
  • 02:30: for the primary mixing we need 450 gram flour flour sift and the time until we put it off then add the test I sift flour add 7 grams instinct pennies the same most gold packs all we need 10 grams with the yeast added headlamp need 3 grams salt 180 grams all of the dry sugar
  • 03:00: Ingredients stir to have We are equally distributed by then the volume here add 45 grams softened butter for a couple it can be cut with scissors pieces can be here thus in tweak Everything is mixed center
  • 03:31: We are doing well then this well, we We are trying to drive the eggs 4 large chicken eggs recipe 220 grams and adding warm water prescription 57 grams warm water and it so much and added test result happened very very soft you You see it on shooting I love soft dough I I like to work with him and believed that it This soft dough are right on
  • 04:00: boundary between the liquid and the gentle turns the most delicious buns but it does not work itself most air soft but at the same time work with such a test is necessary certain you if you have such a skill no one can add water take less say Me and 57 letters and 20 and if necessary add although in my opinion, and 20 gram of water will quite enough knead the dough falling as this Step seen that dough as a result of get soft
  • 04:33: Now I'm doing the fact that I mix all added to the bowl because all we have here has a different This density pieces Opara is the oil it as a freedom of a first and all you need is here added to mix single mass and then You will need it knead well here it is obtained dough lay it on Dry your desktop without flour and knead
  • 05:06: Skree Township kidneys collect all the dough from the sides bowls spark kidney far not remove it put next to it we need because we test It will need to periodically pick up from the table and We begin to knead because the dough sacrifice it convenient knead for all French Technology I I do repeatedly if flip stretch fold flip over stretch develops and
  • 05:32: periodic testing going from the table that we had not about meat that is not so that what happened that part of the test and kneaded it dough which we she left on the table It is not you Mishna and that's the way knead the dough somewhere 10-15 minutes course because the test we have a very this soft beautiful harvested smooth dough you get you you feel like batter varies as
  • 06:00: it becomes more elastic see even shooting it it has become evident that the very different at the end of kneading it will remain sticky it will be enough liquid at the same time call it a very it can not be flexible even the most viscous of a dough because as it is well good good stretches
  • 06:39: and say that it very flexible, too You can not see hand remains almost clean it like this soft rezinochka fishing line slightly grease vegetable oil Of course, it is desirable do it before kneading until my hands are clean As always remember
  • 07:02: We collect the dough because once or twice and clean table collect dough 3 barrel with hands then my hands lightly grease vegetable oil that the dough does not perepalo rounded
  • 07:31: dough that collect edge of the dough to the center and then the dough turn over after cover with this dough leaves on the table more about half an hour to get us We managed to revive the yeast and Cleaned in the refrigerator 8-16 hours time your discretion and half an hour on the table and then the refrigerator before you
  • 08:01: remove the dough from the refrigerator us will need to cook another dough for it, we It will need 114 grams flour 114 g of powdered sugar then stir here we add 1 to 90 grams of butter room oil temperature so it does not melted very soft and then all this beauty at first rub the fine chips and then
  • 08:30: We collect the dough sometimes ligament is added to the dough a little egg a little water and Of course, you can add but it is desirable Only here do these kits ingredients that is flour, sugar and butter because only in this case Here is the top batter It will give it a very good nice crust and you will present crumbly and let it you will not plastic you see what batter let it
  • 09:00: nothing crumbles terrible divide dough half and one half of the test I add two tablespoons cocoa powder spoons in the second half I'll add test tablespoon ground cinnamon by the way very often a batter add some the dye can be food colorings It can be natural colorants and a result of the top is not that such dark colors crust like I have it may be pink it turns white
  • 09:30: very elegant, such sweet rolls in the second test I I add a tablespoon a spoonful of ground cinnamon Cinnamon us the way words like longer wanted cocoa powder, too were very remarkable as a result she has Two types of test I 16 will bumchik so all prepared dough and I share at about 16 equal parts of each
  • 10:06: of the rolls and until I remove this dough in the refrigerator and Only after that I fetch yeast dough and will also forming rolls I turned in a result, you are renting yeast dough it
  • 10:30: yet so cold almost no sticky it is still manifest themselves so be sure to we use flour very soft dough so there is no Martyrs gat pastry dough in the fridge It stood for 12 hours and note that it is for this time not so strongly come unless little roll off dough a flagellum
  • 11:01: that this was not I have seen and divide divided into 16 parts He shared using weights to parts turned really equal weight of each about 60 parts 60 grams with a small if there is no desire weigh or not Weights can certainly divide the dough into Well here is the eye using division Weights equal parts very easy baking process
  • 11:30: because all the shelves bake one time as long as I say that since the dough a soft gently viscous preferably with it works pretty quickly because cold with him but it can be negotiated as they mature she becomes sticky and with him to work harder pieces of dough rounded for this We collect the dough to the edges middle and rolls a shock is obtained smooth ball and thus
  • 12:00: the same way We drove all the remaining pieces Test 1 Test spread on podpylenny flour necessarily on the table flour to keep it from grab the top flour shake and the bottom and leave this drink and we spread our I touched the dough baking paper for if there is no baking baking paper can be baking
  • 12:30: grease with vegetable butter or cream then oil waking flour or on silicone mat all of the buns lightly smazhem egg white This need for better clutch two layers of dough are looking for any appropriate size cup that it is a little diameter larger than ours buns We reach out second refrigerator its roll out dough
  • 13:02: According to size prepared the cup is very convenient This is done by film between two layers just roll out the dough here this will help enough cup cut out trimming the dough until the right size
  • 13:31: and then cut circle pasted on top of the bun here's one from the shelf I ready
  • 14:04: Roll out another a piece of dough and also cut I think pasted you have noticed We did not notice today note that when I will be stick top this is a test layer The second test I buns as if slightly making presses flatter and the way for stick to the rules
  • 14:30: can not only egg white can stick to any liquid ingredient dough that is all the same Bingley diets that It includes the dough if the dough in We can leave the water little buns lubricate the water in my look great protein here it works better glue dough so very carefully bun slightly after flattening As all will To make matters on
  • 15:00: buns on top notch stumbles an upper layer of dough and I do it but the blade We can make our mind knife for pizza can be make molds for cookies in general as you wish cut-off as a god on as the spirit lay want to some meandering a diamond line general as you wish places cuts dough baking revealed and each
  • 15:30: Muffin will have a figure that very much on my mind interesting and beautiful fun after this is done Buns put on proofed at proofing nothing I just do not cover I put into cold oven simple way you pretty long as the the dough is cold book said the three hours proofing in I took proofing half two o'clock the dough should rise in the amount of one and a half once not twice a half to that he left
  • 16:00: more force to such beautiful powerful Disclosure baking and it is almost He graduated stick buns and leave rolls the increase in the amount of one and a half times and see what a beauty bake buns preheated to 190 degrees Celsius oven for about 20 minutes until golden here are ugly seems that they large indeed they simply
  • 16:30: very, very airy so our Mexican shelves the tip is not ready leave traditional Pryatnogo prepare tea very very tasty unusual remarkable buns thank you They were with me and watched videos and all of you good