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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive today cook cakes on This time the recipe of Book of Tasty and healthy food issue 1952 this recipe approved by our mother our grandmothers it approved generations check the name and still far too many consider this recipe one of the most successful recipes cakes and the book It is also considered one of the most successful and useful culinary books and really cakes on the recipe turns just wonderful they are very tender
  • 00:30: sweet tooth with such a characteristic air cakes layered structure, and so start and begin with submission the main characters persons Lucas classic and yeast saf time gold pack designed especially for for baking recipe we need 350 grams of flour 120 grams 120 grams of milk sugar 100 grams of butter butter fat 82 5 grams of dried percent instant on trench quarter teaspoon salt 2 medium chicken
  • 01:01: eggs yeast dough for cakes will cook oparnym way and at first for the dough we need will sift about half all necessary and recipe flour selected half of the flour We sift the rest flour is delayed add the flour, dry instantons yeast stir to us yeast evenly distributed by
  • 01:30: the entire volume gradually add milk and knead dough I note in passing that for this recipe you can use Other yeast can can take a fresh I remove any dry still I prefer so fame his gold packs strongly I recommend use it them because they special yeast they inspected the rand nye they can withstand large the concentration of sugar and shortening and continue this effectively and
  • 02:00: fruitfully Here we have this got a pair such a good rather dense pastry dough hybrids few minutes later round and leave heat around three o'clock rounded Cover and ordinary I put a bowl of sponge cold oven to I turned on a light bulb in This creates about temperature 28 degrees Celsius at a temperature I conducted three dough hour look what
  • 02:30: Beauty brew me clearly she came doubled and even tripled popem choose to live the way It brews as possible before the the process of settling the ie when the center pair begins to sag some of the principal test, we start with preparation for baking this in a bowl break 2 chicken egg whisk mixer and gradually add salt and Sugar Sugar is added small portions each time asking knocking just like
  • 03:01: It will be added to all Even if sugar I add a few drops of vanilla essences for perfumes the dough can add for example bag vanilla sugar the way in as a fragrance ingredient can be used other ingredients very often adds selling it in general that You can add all what you think usually necessary reception called spirit add a few drops of vanilla essences to whisk that moment until We mixture begins drain blades
  • 03:30: corolla ribbon other capacity whisk cream butter oil I softened on room temperature whisk its all in the magnificent mass We need all previously preparation for to murderers as a component much air since the air in test test in street It plays a very important the role of the couple
  • 04:00: We sift all the remaining flour to To dough easily entered the composition test it would be easier to achieve homogeneous dough brew and media and stockings moat hands on small pieces may be cut scissors because all the ingredients of the dough We have different different texture the density of this dough This mixture was a cheap so it's easier when dough will form here just such small center pieces
  • 04:31: make flour mixture well, and then this well I Woleu another 30 grams of milk the have it for kneading test me It took a hundred fifty grams add milk egg mixture and We begin kneading I note in passing the dough I therefore recipe I cook for treatment for the first time and therefore once this stage added 30 gram flour milk but all different humidity and various so my advice to you These 30 grams yet postponed and
  • 05:01: necessity add ie add first only the egg mixture Start kneading the dough and if necessary add milk can you have no need add liquid may be need milk less then I mixed all ingredients in result is not receive such very very soft dough it is on the verge of between soft liquid Put the dough on Dry your desktop without flour
  • 05:30: We collect the dough with utensils wall Mushroom not far postpone it to us we will need I need it for to pick dough because the process of kneading dough She will be smeared here look first you feel that is to knead dough just it is very unrealistic moist but not giving up
  • 06:01: test attempts we collect more dough You need to add butter butter here quite a lot and before him add we need the dough Knead until moment until she gather knead the dough for French technologies Pick the dough and maximally pull add up turn over and so knead the dough trying until until
  • 06:30: it did not meet in dough you look together somewhere minutes 7 this is now a very gently but it is still already test and then add butter may add small portions but I more convenient to just once all the oil smear on the dough and after
  • 07:05: we add butter us You will need the dough Knead for clean hand because of this virtually Ref one state when We will be with the dough easy to keep from the table and the hands leaving them honest lay out all of the oil scrape it with 3 drums from the walls and We begin to knead the dough
  • 07:31: first we need to simply connect butter and dough then We will knead the dough for French technologies maximally pulled They stretched laid turned periodic testing We will choose to Mushrooms mesim dough pretty long because it is a stately
  • 08:00: a little sugar a little butter oil it requires durable kneading about somewhere 10-15 minutes you feel like dough changes in my look it's even seen taking a look at what a beauty that is something that we had to the beginning and look which as a result of
  • 08:30: It turned out the dough very soft very soft for all its softness it is I would not call it is very sticky sticky I viscous but I see you Now it will show leaves hands pure as a soft rezinochka
  • 09:06: bowl slightly grease vegetable oil Put the dough the dough is then rounded I'll set the dough and bowl I put to the test again cold oven included there is not a light bulb about temperature 28 degrees Celsius about somewhere hour two sodium we test should double in volume We collect the dough with
  • 09:31: toes with hands behind violinist rounded We collect the dough edges in the center of the dough overturn I will leave to cover with cold oven which included light so doubling
  • 10:02: about 2-3 hours prepare form cakes for me shape with a diameter of 12 centimeters tall also 12 centimeters I shot down baking paper Bartos oil butter and we need raisins It needs candied I light finely xoom cut and dried cherry original recipe for one
  • 10:30: kilograms of flour it is recommended to take 150 grams 50 grams raisins I take candied much bigger I understand that this is not good for test candied heavier lower street close he pulled down and this test but harder to climb but it is easier settles so technologically right course take candied raisins and less but I love when a lot of cakes many raisins candied so I add on soul you provided selection
  • 11:00: I intervened in the dough raisins and candied fruits along the way the dough is well embraced divide the dough in my there will be two cakes so I divided in two equal parts very soft dough round form and will on a platter a plate slightly grease with vegetable butter spread One part of the test and and rounding for this We collect the dough edges in the center to form a smooth ball and then this one here in round piece
  • 11:30: Put the dough seam down prepared form Put the form at need up even trimming the dough has laid down and exactly the same manner preparing cake 2 form is filled batter about one third height It can be a little more but no more than
  • 12:00: half to the dough was much grow where and then rise I form the dough again I put into cold oven included lamp and leave before the creation in the volume about two hours proofing the dough can be different Depending on which density you You want to get the cake The more proofing the more air it turns cake you can wait one and a half times increase in the volume It can be two-fold correct to wait
  • 12:30: one and a half times increase since very thick dough The more proofing the easier it is to settle baking, I still I achieve a two-fold increase in volume because I like when cakes Lightweight for greasing cakes us need 1 egg the sky split white and yolk protein in We will go on preparation icing on the yolk slightly shaken fork can be here add a little milk but the most beautiful most drinking and
  • 13:00: most brilliant crust yet it turns when up cakes lubricated only lubricate the yolk yolk can be several stages once smeared gave stand for 34 minutes and lubricate the second time do not lubricate very very carefully because the dough she's just coming up gentlest it easy snub and then very carefully and gently form with Put the dough is heated to 180 190 degrees Celsius oven about somewhere in the 40 45 minutes
  • 13:31: although the time is very It depends on the activity oven and on what size you kulichki readiness can theoretically check wood if the skewer comes out dry kulichki propeklis yet baked kulichki cool directly in the form on lattice to us under the bottom of a well moogles form can then if you remove large furnace middle of nowhere size ie old tradition of the best cool on a pillow in this case the middle of nowhere
  • 14:00: pulls out form immediately after baking fit horizontally position on the pillow and periodically turn to to kulichiki not from They lay in the points and thus way they are cooled of the remaining hen I saw blade cook just icing To do this, bring down chicken protein add to 125 grams of powdered sugar gradually and then add tablespoon lemon juice and all
  • 14:30: vzobem on such smooth, shiny add weight lemon juice frankly I do not really like this glaze and cook extremely rare and my the most successful glance coatings kulichiki This sugar fondant but if suddenly there time or want prepare glaze quickly it's possible thus sometimes personal wash protein sugar is not whisk and washed with
  • 15:01: adding but of lemon juice It can be reversed, and that's this is obtained by consistency then this dipping in the icing our kulichiki blue freezes very quickly so if you will be the middle of nowhere decorate grit just do the same after you apple 0 cake and sprinkle sugar box or
  • 15:30: decorate some another way once decorated cakes firebreak without any austere as these I baked the cakes especially for shooting since Easter when I bake cakes course I do not combining them with filming turned here such here in my It looks pretty cute middle of nowhere, and certainly wondering what they within them are not gone very suitable for this purpose knife This cake knife he
  • 16:00: introduced crushes tender street crumb I think you do amendment pay note that the glaze showered unfortunately sweet never showered look what a beauty inside fibrous Kulichik structure gentle air he does not, he is not crumble when cutting if desired you can even break to be very it smells good
  • 16:30: butter any name at all then it is very complex is very convenient nice smell So our rings and ready to thank you They were with me and watched videos light and you Easter all you very, very good