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  • 00:00: Good day my dear to me today, you with a cake brewing ring curd cream very tasty easy airy and well useful preparing pretty easy to quickly and simple and so begin and prescription us need cook choux pastry and First, I would like you to I imagine flour I will prepare now with this flour is Sokolniki flour I I would call it with flour the average gluten although ideally for choux pastry needs strong or fly strong grain mixture flour and flour in common purpose such as
  • 00:31: Sokolnicheskaya most perhaps important to you do not use for preparation of this dough flour weak gluten and recipe we need 150 gram flour flour We sift and need 125 grams of water and milk, 125 grams of butter oil 5 grams of salt all the grams of sugar May 4 large chicken eggs incidentally say you can cook Choux pastry only water but no milk but with milk It implements the air softer and more and so
  • 01:00: pour pan 125 grams water warm shades only after that add 125 grams milk to us milk mixture burnt Vadim 125 grams chopped butter at desired, can take 100 Pour 5 grams of butter grams of salt is about a teaspoon 10 grams of sugar and heating We strive to we have oil completely budded salt sugar is completely melted like Only we have a mixture of boils unnecessary a long time to boil We do not evaporate water we release
  • 01:31: I pot Transposing on free cold ring stove stir to us more or less oil evenly distributed over volume course butter milk with water we never connect to homogeneous mixture more or less hot milk mixture Pour immediately all flour and stirring grindings We strive to formed without uniform lumps of weight itself beginning flour mixture battle with a rather liquid large lumps in
  • 02:01: grinding process in we will then brewed flour there will weave drawn starch contained in its part of Type of result here such pasteurized starch though capable hold large quantity moisture, and here this is our Here liquid mass begin to turn into dough I repeat that at this stage we We need to achieve homogeneous dough without ie lumps all good grind links can be fairly quickly everything will go somewhere about a couple of minutes here in this
  • 02:30: by me happened homogeneous dough then with saucepan test comes back on medium heat and heating batter dries and this in the first place completing the process of jam in flour Second get rid of no bound water as far as It would be exactly what I was recipe anyway impossible count exactly how much fluid in you take the dough left some liquid that have We did not enter into the dough and Now this liquid us We need to evaporate what are the criteria
  • 03:00: First the dough It will gather in someone will smooth surface at the test In the second test begin to give flour that is the magic of dishes It appears as white plaque that can I scrape off the spoon Now it will show you It means that the dough is already enough and I put out He remained free incoherent fluid it is ready for next step of sutured dough fairly quickly just one or two minute tests were from the heat and immediately shift the capacity we will knead choux dough and first we need it
  • 03:30: a little cool quite honest hot if you drive there raw eggs is protein brew for eggs theory of dough cooled down temperature of 60 degrees Celsius at practice honest words not seen to someone measured dough temperature Ratio sheet production usually seek to dough first I stopped to bathe in secondly that it does not It was burning 10 and so hot try to hand it It will be hot in the not scorching Italy in this framework we will need to stir to erase
  • 04:00: raw eggs this is very crucial moment since 10 initially impossible say what the number of them you may need only guess here on this the amount of custard the basis of need in average somewhere 45 persons 1 egg somehow added to see It does not clot protein if the dough Davey something that protein begin to turn white there is no such then everything happened okay temperature tes normal and begin rub the dough stir into chicken Eggs according to the rules of
  • 04:30: cooking theory choux pastry at a time can be add no more one egg You can add part an egg that is If you are not comfortable add the whole egg egg can Rosbalt girl and add it piece by piece calmly It does nothing for changing more sometimes there a situation that for example, as applied to this recipe 4 eggs resin and again a lot and then add 4 full of eggs and Part 5 adds eggs
  • 05:00: say only protein or egg stir add 3 eggs quarter there half of the eggs in the general the most important thing understand that the number and the hilt even in the recipe listed in the temples and such indicative mask on a tree may need or a little more or a little less therefore, were taken to the dough eggs gradually no more than one at a time and each successive Only after completely covered with previous need it firstly that you have not added
  • 05:30: none of the more than needed 2 to batter in this rubbing was very well mixed this time for conversations have time to add tests three full big Chicken eggs are now I look at whether it is necessary how to add You see the dough firmly He is sitting on a spatula even if I try to to banish it from there it can not be not slides does not drip so I add in rub the dough another whole egg if the dough
  • 06:00: a little succumbed she would start her Movement I would only added say half an egg only protein and then I need to look whether to add another to rub fourth egg and again will to determine its consistency note what shine He appeared at the test here is such a bless choux pastry is one of the indicators it as if the dough does not mean 200 something is wrong with him either not flags and Lepe inadequate look, you see
  • 06:30: Test runs say triangles This is the first test the second test I am now dough nakrucheno spatula and will considered is the place two or three times on May 4 six July 8 8 she fell into the normal It is considered to be between seven and ten so I
  • 07:01: stop I have more eggs but will not add I note that you may need not 4 you It may need add four to half the eggs can be even sing The finished dough we shift in piping bag with showerheads I prefer the actual draft although often uses diameter straight 10 millimeters and will otsazhivayut converges if confectionery bag is not possible use a conventional I've found cut away little corner and precipitates or have
  • 07:30: absolutely nothing It can be deposited at aid teaspoon fill pastry bag Move the dough hooked rings or on baking that lightly lubricated vegetable oil not a lot of oil used just a little bit and for lubricated butter but if used butter then the pan slightly is sprinkled be sure to flour either on paper
  • 08:00: baking like this way squeeze dough as ring closed in stop press on piping bag and pull the tail is deposited and rings at no distance at least 4 of 5 centimeters apart Because the test at baking very much increases the amount that was not I'm here to slips Sorry greedy otsadit rings in rezkovato
  • 08:30: so light and yet formed the law nothing in this country but if there is no worry I have an opportunity is deposited, and more free plangent rings set preheated to 210 220 degrees Celsius oven after 10 minutes perature is reduced to 180 190 degrees Celsius already at this temperature bake well done more about minutes Twenty-five first 20 minutes baking
  • 09:00: not desirable open the door oven to rings not settled baked in ringlet that such beautiful bright flush immediately after I'm baking ring I make punctures to came the rest of the pairs I pierce this attachment using which I will filling rings cream would still like to say that the brewing the dough is dough which is better copyists me finish singing If Perry bake nothing terrible
  • 09:30: will but if not before bake it after how you pull out your custard bases they can settle and give him full cool and curd cream we need 100 grams of butter butter oil gradually whisk add sugar I took 200 grams Can take a little less say at 150 grams desire can Add cream packet of vanilla Sahara you can add a few drops vanilla essence
  • 10:01: alternatively can be replace some of the sugar on the condensed milk beat butter first, then sugar to add a little bit condensed milk with sugar this is especially relevant in case dry cottage cheese is not cottage perfect soft here is the to 400 grams of whipped butter boden threshold mix our cream is ready but still
  • 10:30: I am finishing cooking cream I I would like to say few words about dough recipe composition of the above recipe includes your sugar at the same you can test cook or entirely without salt sugar or say to take Only schepotochku salt and you take schepotochku salt and a little sugar all of your discretion oil as I said you can not to take less than 125 gram a100 Of course, you can take the place of milk water that is use no 125
  • 11:00: gram and whom you and 250 grams Baty this result I turned curd cream the way saying the most important thing preparation Cream cheese is First Hierarch consistency to it It was not very thick not very Shipka in the Second so it you the important I liked by taste however, if desired, you can change proposed Formulation example if dry cottage cheese you can it add whipped can sour cream Add cream Whipped cream can
  • 11:31: prepare such cream on Curd which are already sold ready that at its composition It contains oil you You can prepare a say on cream vanilla cake cheese in general, all at your choice fill with cream piping bag and then this cream us You need to fill you sad bases
  • 12:04: filled base directly before serving at Of course here, too, as a matter of taste foundations themselves on currently very crispy delicious by the way Here is recipe choux pastry it very tasty my child such not like when these rings filled he loves stuffing just do rings that is, without all they really really quite tasty
  • 12:31: fill rings curd you can immediately fill all the rings but beware if you have rings with cheese after standing for some time, they become soft if for you fundamentally then fill the rings directly before feeding little sugar powder on top and our rings with curd ready These are not obtained chubby beautiful
  • 13:00: so sweet muffins our cake brewing seems to curd cream ready they remain at Pryatnogo prepare tea This is very true tasty thank you They were with me watching video all you very good