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Recipe - Cake Nastya from http:\/\/videoculinary.ru - YouTube

Recipe - Cake Nastya from http:\/\/videoculinary.ru - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today bake cake Nastya in mixer bowl Put a 3 eggs add 240 grams sugar and 10 grams of vanilla whisk until sugar produce lush add the white mass 250 grams of sour cream stirred
  • 00:30: separate bowl mix 240 grams flour with two teaspoons spoons of baking powder sift the flour into egg-sugar mixture carefully mix up of receipt homogeneous liquid test Put the dough in Split form diameter 24 cm greased butter and floured
  • 01:00: bake in advance preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius about 40 minutes readiness check the wood stick until the cake is baked 200 grams of prunes seedless fill hot water is not less than 30 minutes 30 minutes later merge water and cut prunes small
  • 01:30: pieces ready spread on cake wooden board and we give cool prepare cream mixer bowl put 200 grams of soft butter add 10 grams vanilla sugar whisk until white without stopping whipping gradually add 550 grams condensed milk whisk until
  • 02:01: White lush cream optional add in cream 2 tablespoons plum liqueur or rum or brandy mix in a separate bowl postpone a quarter of the cream in the remaining cream add 150 grams and roasted chopped walnuts nuts and prepared
  • 02:30: prunes mix well if the dough in the middle rose cake little more than on the wrong edge in this is nothing cut off the top aligning cake cut cake half two about equal parts we place one piece on meal which We will collect the cake Put the top and
  • 03:00: flatten half cream nuts and prunes on top of the cream put cut off the top a second cover half cream nuts and prunes we place on top of the second cake flat side up and cover whole cake oil cream that we are for postponed decorate cake Nastya petals of almond
  • 03:30: prunes and biscuits for tea roses We serve to sweet table with tea or coffee cookie recipe Rose tea, you will find on our website videoculinary.ru or in Russian videokulinaria.ru in the baking section cakes cakes inspiration luck
  • 04:01: enjoy tea and Have a good mood