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  • 00:00: if we want to link more lush rebaptized bar let out two of the three he nakida this release It fits in a little bit differently here as well I will make three air Loop one step back petelechku and fresh column 3 assume 1 sc and now we want them
  • 00:30: ie cross associate here in this petelechku firstly this column with us sc will not be enough there are two or three, even Well, let's whale in 2 Secondly But if we all Now it's take it is understandable what so attached here as if in need but the reverse side why I loop and Now knit a column
  • 01:00: two nakida here he turned rebaptized let's column and finally we will do knitted with 3 column one sc and a column that we We will start at tops train you sc and also
  • 01:31: my catching here from here you can of course catch here here as if from here but it uncomfortable clings thread or knit like regular column 2 sc Here is such a relief pattern chicco Now I'll take up show that the end of the series happened
  • 02:03: we raised knitting We get knitting in this manner