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  • 00:01: Hello to you a labor today to show you how very quickly two ordinary here just such jewelery ribbons of beads make very spectacular evening decoration proceed We find the middle and We begin to weave pigtail 4 we
  • 00:34: wicker when doing hair look One note here transfer side is thrown in one way to the center the other from the center my case I I use different color to
  • 01:01: you just had clearly visible course You can use these after call on 1 chain of one color I make online I wrote to header that is It takes five minutes actually much less all the importantly introduces
  • 01:30: end of the because too somehow would braid zapletete independent course and a lot of how much you do like these Now transfer of how often you will throw so convex to succeed experiment it is a matter of taste and I do not I will here give any recommendations someone like More is someone all such things all ready
  • 02:01: here we'll be in order just yet We reserve here most importantly, we need to put them in way to avoid upset the the harmony of shape possible so Now tighten a little bit of all and abided here now you see here I have made somewhat less here often and transfer Here's the difference
  • 02:31: Quarry Well now we have only to consolidate our pigtail to have it us I kept constantly the simplest is tape threading round-trip watch carefully to all loops end of our work here and so caught again check up the same thread and make sure
  • 03:02: it worked out everything is kept right level well, more simple blindfolded and deed can be fixed with help line and some additional chain or something would-else if you decoration so enjoy it
  • 03:30: you want to save for putting it Well several times that This case can be take special fixing jewelery and use them well, Well mine is ready you can go to ball
  • 04:04: you had a labour up new appointments subscribe to my channel I promise many more interesting and important fast and easy