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Recipe - "Наполеон" Cake; from видеокулинария.рф the Grandmother Emma - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today bake cake napoleon Napoleon we are using flaky quick test cooking prepare dough from 1 kilograms of flour and 4200 gram packs butter margarine or oil all products must be cold water
  • 00:32: flour and eggs from refrigerator and margarine or butter can hold few hours freezers pour the flour on the table and on a coarse grater rub in margarine flour all the time peppered flour can not grind margarine with flour puff pastry is not succeed
  • 01:04: our other recipes kitchen you can look at our Online videoculinary.ru all margarine rubbed pour the remnants of flour and very carefully easily mix margarine with flour
  • 01:32: in a copper mug prepare liquid whether cooking test break two eggs add one teaspoon salt and the spoon 2 5 tablespoons percentage of vinegar
  • 02:00: pour cold water to the mark half liter stir small portions pour the liquid into oil-flour mixture we do mix
  • 02:30: all quickly enough Product and do not get warm knead the dough
  • 03:10: only collect the dough it should not be too strongly vymeshivat This puff pastry it is universal for both
  • 03:30: sweet pastries and to collect salt the dough into a large lump We divide it into two about equal parts each put in a cellophane bag and send at least 2 hours in the refrigerator
  • 04:04: pan pour 4 glass of milk and pour one and one one-third cup sugar set on fire in a separate bowl mix with a mixer 4 eggs and 4 tablespoons tablespoons flour
  • 04:31: mix thoroughly that was not lumps add personal 2 flour mixture ladle heated milk sugar and again carefully mix pour in boiling milk the resulting liquid
  • 05:02: continuously Stir the cream I do not stick to the bottom and vessel walls bring to a first Bulekov in any case Do not boil the cream ready put it cool until the cream cools down from
  • 05:30: bake cakes roll out the dough until a thickness of 3 4 mm size baking and we are preparing napoleon 25-30 people for that we use two-thirds of the dough the remaining dough can be frozen or
  • 06:02: cook out of it something else the edges and the middle brother I moistened slightly cake with water to baking and cringed and
  • 06:33: using a rolling pin unfold the dough on a baking sheet lightly presses cut off the excess knife We prick sheet knife tip or simply plug to he was not blown away with baking
  • 07:02: bake in previously preheated to 220 degree oven about 20 minutes finished cake should well zarumyanitsya and not rise sag spread it wooden board
  • 07:31: just as from the peak second cake of scraps of dough bake very thin cake thickness March 2 millimeter, he will to have been dressed in custard cream add one packet of vanilla Sahara bowl of mixer Put a 300 gram soft butter oil well and its whisk it should
  • 08:00: be lush continue whisking gradually adding chilled custard cream
  • 08:30: cream should turn lush and white cut our cakes into two equal parts and we got 4 cakes we place one of them on wooden board and uniform cover its average cream layer
  • 09:09: cover with its second Korzh to it was easy to spread We put a cake up smooth side lightly presses and repeat this procedure four fold abundantly lubricates
  • 09:30: cream cake and the top cake side prepare posypku for this chop our special baked cake fine crumb and add sugar powder
  • 10:01: Stir and Pour some evenly surface of the tank Napoleon yet sprinkle cake crumbs We think how it will decorate because Napoleon is birthday cake he It creates a special
  • 10:30: mood sprinkle with sugar powder cake top and decorate it fresh berries mint leaves It can be done of cream flowers leave the cake for 2-3 hours to cakes soaked with cream and cut it into portions
  • 11:04: Napoleon recipe It has existed since 1850 but still remains one of the most favorite treats people all over the world spread on We serve a plate and you holiday mood and Bon Appetit