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  • 00:16: expensive cars we continue a series of master classes Today we have the case to court we have a wonderful picture publication refers to the channel we have
  • 00:33: This boy has everything on 2010 th and that's our system the rally
  • 01:01: He begins to age kiddie water Almaty we need a department of thousands official Kyiv
  • 01:36: Gates window Chechnya reception point opened in Kyiv We start unconsciousness points I also know I do not want
  • 02:04: such requests ribbon we it so he secured thankful drawing the fourth
  • 02:42: a wee bit Basil turned the first such
  • 03:05: then you are mistaken a source we very warmly to the NBA help chains it 6 NHL sniper not necessary rarely in the middle cell You can shift the long
  • 03:30: I do not care and do not have How do you like we've got such as great officer system of money and flowers it reflects errors Even statistics that to 477,000 we now have in place a network the third day whom we need John McCain
  • 04:09: street rally is very fixing
  • 04:37: here's what to eastern Beijing selenium, tellurium, let's all part of engineering unit we turned It happened since
  • 05:00: Mr. chili catch live Pyatkevich but reeling Beijing pink
  • 05:46: Sarkozy while not in use so that's it
  • 06:30: We keep that girl network Here in Kiev
  • 07:07: We put the yen reached They say that the leaves are not used and continue on
  • 07:41: if the ribbon after about more such experiences can later who can stand or, at best, obtained when disclosure is rare Now it has become through such as a beautifully
  • 08:00: County flower although honestly Serbia Plushenko Beijing such technical losses in lighting bed for this period killed
  • 08:37: the smell of burning by any means We start still want this sector h that's for sure be it under the petals flowers ie the machine 14.30
  • 09:01: we start with the machine terrorist attack at points with a convex Sretenović census river point we do least snowflakes begin tonnes Khimki save us all this year is denoted This year we have a small konyachniki large sand would include gang members
  • 09:38: I'm still so far end hitachi settlement fingers Khortytsya thousand
  • 10:03: the first source region we try communal why mood
  • 10:44: Here we turned Trade 500 000 according to the scheme
  • 12:31: but also for the Swedish not because he a network of points we now have to do our samples experience to solve the rest as we do judge a pen middle, is very simple chicken in the attack face painting
  • 13:16: optimistic state of emergency should get ancestors
  • 13:32: had in the video chair line workers their unit try hooking strings
  • 14:05: ribbon turning son has not called just a little a little bit we do offer tonnes for the first time name to give mid-points so place the bear Shaklein thousands
  • 14:36: rubles in history she asked Practicing boys Vadim along the entire length okay network
  • 15:02: Then we turned out this is not infinite see here we have in the picture such small bottles in fact and bars is very, highly smaller stage Michelle Obama himself
  • 15:31: why in the championship March 4 p and the actor's body so these pictures flowers, he will go on a little bit rink vodka Do we begin to take place their small bottles I wanted 2003 on the face pierced
  • 16:03: the average for May 1 cup It happened Speaking to journalists These are the bar in the same manner Germans consider our adventurous what
  • 17:16: We need to sit down on the third line 83 4000 human leaves
  • 17:38: 2010 we aspire to it we did not get 6 secure
  • 18:34: Chelyabinsk we still have the picture statistics little points of view we naturally We show how to comment Now we come to the picket small bars
  • 19:15: it is with young children
  • 19:41: twig tighten stronger of half an hour figures Patupchyk two visitors 3
  • 20:02: though probably with us well known such this meeting until our days and blooming mystery for action today we learned and now club chairman that's what we've got of course
  • 20:30: month for 10 years no this is a great gift close this president said This is partly true but it means end of the world and while the field If you approve of the press year if so it will be with anyone who could power system Our next on the shelves and you know baby but interesting