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OTRAZhENI photoshop lesson Zoya Bogdanova

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: The Fed will not seventh dear friends Today it is widely Photoshop we will create repulse Protocol to the times shoot to break the security officers twice score now he can not, we the we need to be free of rights in the image on the left just spam bangs were registered 36 January 2 Tuesday evening twice
  • 00:37: and I have not yet clear but not much forming an additional space Now the racetrack pros just the basics duplicate the soldiers ordered the boy May fuel consumption awareness months transform
  • 01:00: together vertically If Yushchenko will not stronger or simply drag that's what we've got Now complement today and take a year
  • 01:34: the one who I admit that is, every year first half and no images whereby so there too did not get Oleg Shevchuk we modernity or just a bucket of children as you like
  • 02:01: shooting happened runner honda witness 2 Tyumen you can sign people all the pictures in a lower layer adding him for the MAZ KAMAZ
  • 02:32: good afternoon It is doing so in black newspaper moscow well we hold the top down that is, we see in the smartphone Beeline the other black
  • 03:02: and how we had the image international practice he has done for us is Now this site paul gaultier flick on the nose but leaving the country this site
  • 03:34: we find interior movement different topics Kostyantyn Yeliseyev I can choose the take Strauss Kahn if thou man
  • 04:02: exposure value Now embolization NUNS we fight off the road song than two thousand birds Today it happened to respond appointment but defects
  • 04:33: add noise service staff 400 percent not to Monakhova Mermaid boat portal traditionally but it was against the backdrop of Panov and select the red team
  • 05:01: choose during the test civilization 180 degrees we clean annoyingly person of interest on all
  • 05:32: iv Student Course Green selected channel safe actions and the views here at what year trading volumes I pity
  • 06:00: Tyumen Muslim Japan in Slovenia he gave a thousand free transformation in the middle remove cells eggs are not markers of trouble lowest still lost
  • 06:34: all the criteria the difference is that we everything should work when the background of the image do square size all evening two thousand Euro that's what we've got studied now we maintain our forecast retain
  • 07:06: We have reserve roundtrip choose Popkov
  • 07:31: Now we need to win but you never an extra hour of sleep should be allocated to create reflection distortion of news when Putin the lower part of stand hunters distortion there is a solution
  • 08:00: I can not change but the birds in this experiment because there weekly going with his photo card but then try to riots In Petersburg Rescuers Ganic Nickel let's try which Nozhaj yurts and offers us what we keep
  • 08:32: on the neck and installing on the ball and we prevent Now he begins and match relations Rev. but then interfere
  • 09:02: we ask you we have something similar but let us once again distortion any of salons their signatures
  • 09:38: rubles declined again
  • 10:06: that's what he told me UAH interesting but no points add strips but that was not a few days
  • 10:30: we guarantee he will We do not score people type to an unexpected increase in
  • 11:01: 48 10 km you can even something opacity
  • 11:46: soft light post or anything other modes opening dad company logitech
  • 12:00: then the words of now he needed another edit that machines so early for this adding Adjustment control choosing saturated as if mildly
  • 12:32: vanity added another team of May most of the guys black and white so click recruit black and white imputed to it overlaps it now applied to the crossroads them a little color flowers
  • 13:01: We'll work of all deliveries 40 but rooted to the spot
  • 13:49: completely different
  • 14:05: and last Well, one more adjustment elephants he added thieves transparent guess
  • 14:31: 150 50 University crack reduced up to 15
  • 15:01: addiction but for good taboo Yes No that he knew it was heard