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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive today I Volkovsky cheesecake you imagine them called war as cottage cheese here comes in the dough from filling composition a result of vatrushechki It obtained simply remarkable air and gentle the dough is not grain but the same time RICH and this is very nice Butter moderately so I'll start from the beginning I will present at the meal I'm here so that's Sokolnicheskaya Moscow can buy literally anywhere Store the dough will prepare oparnym way for couples to us
  • 00:30: It will need 275 grams flour 1 teaspoon dry instant yeast I took Asses mania in the red I also almost packaging showed mix flour and yeast then gradually here adding water putin and such vatrushechki I have not cook the first time so I know that for kneading dough at 275 gram flour I It will need 170 grams the water but if you cook for the first time take the first 150 and if necessary add knead
  • 01:02: dough requirements pair minimum We need to achieve uniformity and a pair of turns rather dense that here it is good it is soft dough I sticky yet it's the dough that did not turned on the consistency of the dough and we cover with rounded reserve for warmth fermentation at three to four hours readiness sponge
  • 01:30: determined by appearance and and surface covered with burst bubbles folds That's how it is I It will look very nice sturdy frame centr'a couple making add to the boat all necessary recipe for exception butter or margarine, and will kneading the dough so add 50 grams water 8 grams salt 65 grams of sugar stir to
  • 02:01: sugar salt melted here adds 75 grams of cheese not used cottage cheese fat nine percent, we can take any cheese knead well here add 225 grams flour and knead dough in the first stage We need to just all mixed up uniform state and simultaneously determine the
  • 02:30: dough consistency we need to shift fairly soft dough as flour everywhere different humidity different from the threshold just different square you process mixing can would need add or a little water if the dough is obtained dryish dense there a little flour if the dough is obtained tacky and unnecessary After mixing liquid appearance should be with the whole meal, and I already told you need Knead a soft dough a beautiful softness it's okay
  • 03:00: keep in shape is not not unravel spread like this in I got dough as a result dough for missing two or three minutes will not involve either or margarine butter use margarine or butter fat content 82 percent we need 21 gram intervene small portions each subsequent fingers after apparently because the previous
  • 03:32: gradually to intervene in the dough at I butter can take on margarine Incidentally dough for these cheesecakes I It is taken from the state of the prescription Volkovsky rolls Bulgarian bread is on the site there's even a video on they cook are good in and of themselves as a basis for cooking cheesecakes then the dough on the really just great and very good dough kneaded dough
  • 04:00: lay on his desktop without flour and shall, together with somewhere five minutes for throat uniform state at this time Test for fold remember rub I have many times said that good Stir the batter well and another touch you will feel she was very nice and highly here in this result is not out very soft very beautiful live batter it absolutely not sticky even have to press on
  • 04:30: him with hands effort remain clean rounded dough put in a bowl and reserve still warm an hour and a half You can leave up doubling in volume payment of dough on Dry your desktop because of cocaine as well as on easy stretches hybrids even literally wait a minute Again and rounder
  • 05:03: put a bowl and leave for half an hour lie down and then we will carve put in a bowl and reserve for another half an hour Buffet slightly under the dust flour flour use very carefully as need depending on the stickiness of the dough me dough almost sticky so I flour I take quite a bit
  • 05:31: slightly and divide depending on the the desired size vatrushechki separated the masses pieces approximately 70 g sandpit has not received 13 cheesecakes and very not very big such small medium size each piece of dough rounded for this collecting edges of the dough centers to tension outer surface stitch counting and drive up
  • 06:02: a result of obtained a smooth ball and thus Similarly rounded all the other pieces test after this I will be done rounded dough Cover and leave in alone for ten minutes and preliminary proofing Cover and leave ten minutes is I can shape cheesecake any convenient familiar to you way more often
  • 06:30: dough gives rise then the center forced depression cup to lay the stuffing and baked divorce form cheesecake a little bit unusual way just for diversity to of each piece dough is rolled out in cake you can roll it out thin thick all depends on what layer test you love If you love to the dough was thin unroll thinner
  • 07:00: let as all circles of dough will be Roll out cover them plenochkoj and leave in alone even for 15-20 minutes then we will need to find something the right size little less than the size of our circles here I such a cup to We stayed out of the corner a thickness of about centimeters cut circle and cover stretch and how much Out of the corner at the rough
  • 07:30: stretching trying to align their thickness pull it the desired length of the dough very easy these frames no reduction in all about all the minutes and even less result it turns out here such a long rope add up three times Now in its length of more than perinki circles and after it twisted
  • 08:00: they will be around equal jumps circles damp water glue twisted rope and as a result we it turns out here such this is the basis for cheesecake which you can put a very many toppings in what way forming the rest cheesecake then covered them plenochkoj and reserve Proving minutes
  • 08:30: thirty yet in our dough rasstaivaetsya Let us cooking stuffing for stuffing we need cheese me 325 grams all I had two pack of cottage cheese every 200 grams of 75 and use dough and 325 for filling cheese add sour cream on taste, I took 3 tablespoons fatty 30 per cent cream Ivan little egg salt sugar again
  • 09:00: same taste, I took 3 tablespoons gorochkoy but can take any longer or less and all rub the single homogeneous mass after this will be done We commend consistency and the need for thick either by adding them uterus Do you prick, I added two tablespoons flour and stir Our filling is ready willing to say that filling you can prepare your taste you can not I wish not to drive Egg can cook
  • 09:30: without sour cream can can add raisins prepare the way saying salty stuffing sugar Only cottage cheese sour cream and salt such is also very delicious luck can Add cumin seeds in general, the most important thing stuffing you I like to taste try not identify and Of course, pay Attention consistency to filling was not very liquid but at the same time was not thick held grease dough before baking egg dispersal fill the molds
  • 10:01: curd on what I like A method of forming so is the cheesecakes that is very thin and bedplate many toppings and then put is heated to 210 degrees Celsius oven until cooked and rosy about somewhere minutes 15-20 flatten stuffing baking oven
  • 10:34: and vatrushechki look finished form So our valgas weave cheesecake ready miasto installation Pryatnogo prepare tea very tender air is very delicious vatrushechki thanks that were with I look killer and most of all you good