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  • 00:09: good morning everybody today show one of his favorite chef morning gymnastics on numerous requests course and I want to clarify that my morning exercises enough very diverse I often supplement their different exercise something tidy up something in our new now I show basis its morning gymnastics without which does not do not one day each
  • 00:31: morning since these exercises I cook his body to enhanced burning fat and whereby never corrected because it exercise includes the work of all groups muscles at the same time it something that I love to kill 100 birds with one I think that shot it will be convenient to all so please do it exercise more often m from the start first morning Exercise I I'm doing the morning become just such a lift position handles up live
  • 01:00: I pull together a nickname I straighten legs We start with alternately lift right hand up We reach for the sky fingers left hand up doing so 20 times 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 wherein smile awake the sun is already up to 1315 16 17
  • 01:36: 18 19 20 Karash such exercise, good pulled back muscles and the shoulder girdle pectoral girdle also abdominal muscles handles at We are well stretched and we almost ready to start morning exercises mash foot tear off the heel of raising on gender Here is such a sock seemingly usual and simple exercise
  • 02:00: that helps prepare our feet to tight the day so let's pedaling We do not stop with do anything just and do not talk about, and you so simple it does not works do everything well-attaching diligence to thus at our stomach in Dad tightened shoulders straightened back straight smile look straight ahead a 20 times 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10
  • 02:44: all these great small we exercise here summed up the main the main exercise that helps burn the fat and tighten muscles berries our hips live It will also spin neck exercise at first It looks very simple
  • 03:00: but first well look good listen and then try again exercise will lie in the fact that we need to do ups on your toes but will rise tough on your toes starting to climb straining on tiptoes muscles stop initially then immediately include feeling on ankle to calf to knees rise up front thigh Rear thigh buttocks straining live down draw in the top of the stomach
  • 03:31: chest straighten shoulders straining the neck We pull up little chin stretches hands back up laid much drag and very very tense relaxed rolled onto heels you realize by turns We are straining every muscle starting from foot ankle calf knees front hip hip behind the stomach below top news shoulder chest and neck face
  • 04:00: hands back starting with food belts and to Pacheco relaxing and rolls over patch 100 on ankles when knees Pedro front thigh behind the buttocks and abdomen Bottom vividly top chest shoulders arms neck fingers relaxed 100 to the ankles caviar knees and hips sang hip back good live below vividly top chest shoulders
  • 04:31: Shvetsov fingers 1 latte Almost 100 shoes caviar and knees and thighs spirit behind the thigh and good belly bottom belly and breasts on top shoulders strained It looks at the price These top handles fingers and relaxed well 3cott points omit little reason skype throw in not just
  • 05:30: Danish look and immediately warn that the first three or four days this exercise you do not will be obtained make a little bit of everything do a little bit or more of repetition and less voltage or me more stress but 2 3 repetitions with at least Every day you will course to improve their physical training your muscles stretch and return you will see progress there until