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  • 00:01: hello's It's time It shows tomatoes of fertilizer I He refused generally no Mineral Wells is not not apply Well not harmful to Plant scientists like speak to my poured in saying no Nothing is worse than water the plants mineral fertilizer that is why we use here
  • 00:30: Recently, with the same every five years at each campus there Only Organon only organic yes here undertake compost heap compost and strew spring and autumn well and in the process will be yours tomatoes fill you need to be tied feed 2 Time can be more Parcel that is how This process is done Now save
  • 01:01: and what were there a little bit of their time Feel tyapochkoy chopper is such a me Now brace tulle very convenient and because they see sold in the shop ploskorez undershot passed over I have someone rather as a call very comfortable here stabbed to death Do a little bit grown up earth then you need it Why pour it
  • 01:32: carried water soaked and on top zamulchirovat humus in the first place water for longer will continue and will not be high humidity strong greenhouse humidity for tomato is very time Pour around here stem and now you can even all Nepal what to to close eyes, and she was
  • 02:04: we poured now on we take tipped rocks Delicious will be here so spilling about I compost heap clarify, we have separate video I put a reference and we look You do not need much land well half or two centimeter here to create this that's better
  • 02:30: cut off the ground sprinkled for tomatoes important to be dry land on top not to create much moisture in greenhouse and dry stem and dry leaves of cucumber contrary to water We need a stranger around that was great humidity look
  • 03:00: Carrier to cat the store is the land rotted see how it get even I promised you, and sprinkled will again have peace week to keep moisture in this land of many more Years ago, I used if mineral fertilizer here I watered with a large such zeal that nitrophosphate double superphosphate
  • 03:30: superphosphate if magnesia other crap after that the only thing received land Green's greens raging ovaries no Earth well you know this cranberry and paddle and you begin to dig it like clay like good dough and why then after I began to apply organic Fertilizer I have the land became growth why mineral
  • 04:00: fertilizer kill soil bonus what a bonus it topsoil and fertile soil a layer of soil in our Well if the zone 10-15 centimeters are not more than during the melting flips crumbles to the ground live microorganisms two kinds of organisms some microorganisms live at depths of up to five centimeters and air supply live live off
  • 04:31: air so what is next microorganisms who live without Air at a depth of 15 October centimeters and here if you apply here Perry Pasha layer turn on a depth of 20-25 cm from a Now go up to 30 cm these ones organisms die that you need to do loosen the soil without I did not turn the reservoir I wanted to tell but all must
  • 05:00: have not only think immediately there Pope at the southern roofs went here we are now sprinkled on humus In fact, we Feeding the not tomatoes and those organisms who are here here in the family and greenhouse microorganisms are We have been redesigned Now this injury and sit yet here we sprinkled them they keep on work digest all that
  • 05:30: there is in the soil, and gave die power the roots of plants so keep in mind when you feed up you plant not feed itself plant and organisms survive soil scientists proved that if take one hectare Downhill smell plowed land just charged land land that it It is up to 20 tons
  • 06:00: Now these organisms and that It is 20 tons microorganisms is if we take two football fields and issue 50 bulls here how much will be the meat there in the land represent or four trains players on one football field here something like this and we do fertilizer mineral but certainly not so you killed decide then apply
  • 06:30: mineral fertilizers or before an example when So I overfed nitrogen, pure nitrogen let's say the greenhouse when here I was site here was solid clay greenhouse well that is set greenhouse and clay clay and bricks after construction imagine that it happens after building you excavate We dumped the clay then took all bulldozer razed all suffer which was after construction remains We put in the wall and and
  • 07:01: So he turns Here's a commanded brick and stone baby why I here He has delivered the land but the car lobster land is the same 5 built road We cleaned from top the top layer and of I sleep here straight fresh manure mixed the ground and make fresh manure absolutely not Now this mass of green
  • 07:30: it is a very credit plants well planted before Tomatoes go green kick-ass But then she began do each other interfere with this villa already started to break tomatoes were late but also tomatoes and cucumbers all banks povzryvalis ie get clean nitrate nitrogen is very harmful effect to Reaffirming our
  • 08:00: never such was blown to not cucumbers and tomatoes because the way salting already time-tested and here a good Year of Believe or not but it was then so since green or I immature manure Only after applying As he swam, and mineral fertilizer, too
  • 08:30: ceased to apply basically can not Only in humus and properly compost pile so as about a bunch of can see how it how to get to do very helpful all goodbye for now