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  • 00:03: a hi people at youtube all of us are different devices such as a TV microwave router phone and computer etc. to like and so Now we just consider that It is inside
  • 00:30: hard drive who is not a hard drive Clearly this computer which stands kept all needed information necessary for you and computer is old hard drive but on his way to say experience, we consider see that there within the 4 gigabytes
  • 01:00: Memory ok enough words have gone on put forth today by Turn off all see that there always inside me interest from childhood something within jovani then we Tube receiver I do not remember how It called there
  • 01:31: it turns twist the handle catch it different waves well, heard as she plays music singing songs all It is always interested in that inside the well, and when it is not I was at home parents I took a screwdriver and other tools and I looked inside
  • 02:01: there were many interesting and unknown to time is everything So I found out you Now I do not propose breaking their devices look inside technology that strain so now we are all sending a pretty
  • 02:33: many fasteners getting at you probably bore this but there is can look something grow there
  • 03:01: assorted already knows there shines Now she returns the attached honestly speaking for the first time It may be somewhere that's it we must also have something to loggerheads
  • 03:36: Chef is the key at which point, both beauty all shines come under my very much what interesting because two drive to get 1
  • 04:00: and 2, and nothing and no scratch that I scratched on when opened on the okay Here it is no longer workers was the soul let's move on disassemble it here
  • 04:30: interesting so that We see here yet likely Silica gel for to be shorter moisture it collects and
  • 05:02: I collect data or records and the magnet is because here at us passes here we have saw chips in Basically nothing is engine engine maybe you can somehow use as a further prikol that can be with him
  • 05:30: nachudit important next show break until the end as far as it there are magnets are very powerful force to make remove it side selishte cool Magnets 2 pieces here Well there is one more go
  • 06:05: not recorded probably not the bottom fixed top so I took skovyrnul so it must somehow clean as though the brain rolls Poland has edinichki this is part of a domain inhibited here report
  • 06:34: Now untwist here mount see what's next remove the disc so I already wrung everything is only an hour I shoot a bunch shaybochek all aluminum seemed that's not all we do not
  • 07:01: you can even cold walk so remove these drives us we must take the side head your hand take should be removed seen so stop limit and now brought
  • 07:30: additional his instrument please on 4 hectares get two discs so where it zytel aside response shaybochki
  • 08:04: you on an aluminum disk substrate Okay so a hundred times two disk head as there heads weird 1 2 3
  • 08:32: 3 head for some reason 4 the shuttle is a little I scratch flew okay so shoot another neodinovy magnet very powerful will not Now a second way took off wheels note well
  • 09:03: walking sticks here It turns out here in this place is valet not to walking at the end when windows off HDD rolls here on parks cheeks sticks and stands
  • 09:31: Well then you can tough and transport he was not afraid of it will scratch discs and harm information so we must now remove the second Neodymium magnet this we have here untwist as I unwound now we loop connect's
  • 10:07: all the contribution of bilateral and there are elements radioelements there is a present so there is a hand turn the hands so here his head must be so you to deal
  • 10:31: similarly need to buy Chinese collections keys our produces expensive OK who like like video email what would you like to I took and showed the insides of which
  • 11:01: it is our second neodymium magnet is powerful stuff so you can apply somewhere in some case Do give the child walk you too magnets jockey
  • 11:41: such small checkmark You do not want to kill basically that's all that the body remains
  • 12:03: aluminum so more then you can drive not dug until I will prick in Basically we here at We have housing costs connect the next once this fee try to drive it is possible to him but to do this to my all your email
  • 12:32: Insert comments Like if you like it and see you bye bye