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  • 00:08: and now actor Kevin Sorbo visits with the American Health journal he shares his story of recovery my name is Kevin Sorbo and people might know me from two long-running series i had i played hercules on tv's hercules the legendary journeys I shot that from nineteen ninety three to two thousand living in New Zealand then I didn't notice here is
  • 00:30: called Andromeda right after that for five years from 2000-2005 I did have a bit of a health scare between seasons five and six on Hercules where I was supposed to come back to America to shoot a movie for universal studios in the last three months in New Zealand I kept having these weird pains in my left shoulder and configured was going on and was going down into my arm into my fingers and these three fingers were getting more numb and more cold long time and I went to gym to work out and I couldn't pick up ten pounds at the time and I'm 60 / 6 30 to 35 I was in great
  • 01:01: shape I suffered a very strong sensation in the back of my head where I ice guy got dizzy I felt like I was falling backwards like heavy vertigo it just kept falling and falling and even though I was sitting like I am now and my vision just went absolutely crazy I was rushed to the hospital Kevin suffered an aneurysm and a series of three strokes and spent the next four months in rehabilitation basically went from a guy that was 38 years old probably better
  • 01:30: shape than most guys in their 20s to a nine year old man within seconds but you know what the doctors did save my life but the same time the prognosis they gave me was after eight nine months this is 300 different neurologists saying wherever you are that's it whatever you're feeling get to live with that the rest of your life what great nine months I still wasn't doing very good and I said this this there's no way Kevin credits his full recovery to the encouragement of his family healthy living and a Herculean will he also
  • 02:01: includes natural products containing amino acids and fibroblast growth factor into his supplement routine by Philip repercussions from and a lot of years have passed since and this happened in 1997 and it wasn't until this year here we are what 15 or 14 15 years later where I was introduced to lamin I'm it's interesting I call it a drug it's not a drug it's like it's like a vitamin that's like a pill it's like a it's like a supplement and i have
  • 02:33: i have found it to be rather amazing in terms of just lowering the mood swings are feeling more alert to feel more alive to feel like it's this positive things going on when when the hollywood such a negative business i have certainly found my attention level spiking in my retention levels by him as an actor I've got to memorize a lot of lines and I just finished two moves back-to-back and it's just it's it's
  • 03:01: important that I'm on my game I like to be a professional I'm on the set lamo nine is something that certainly to me has just put an extra spark in my life and talking to people that take it there is a common denominator in there but the same time people have different stories to tell about maybe it it fills voids I think it fills a void that maybe you have you know maybe you have problems with your joints and maybe this will be something that helps you with joint pain maybe you have problems with memory in
  • 03:31: the swellview of memory i mean it to me it's just it just seemed to it i sleep better as well i just want it to be just an excellent reinforcement to my daily life Kevin speaks to us about his book true strength and gives us his message to those who are on their own journey to recovery I said I have to write this book my wife bothered me for years to write the book because she was you know you got a story to tell you survived an aneurysm exploding your body you saw you
  • 04:00: you you survived three strokes and you had basically a full recovery I know what my limitations are now I know that I'm not the same most people walking around seeing me walking around wouldn't know they would think he looks normal I know what I've gone through no what I'd lost as an athlete's as a person I know what what things are missing at me the book is titled true strength for a number of reasons but the obviously the biggest one reason is her Achilles wasn't true strength you know is that I was an actor playing a strongest man in the world having stunt guys making me look like I really was this tough and the book comes the title
  • 04:33: really means to find the true strength within yourself so I tell people don't let other people set your limitations I want this book to be an inspirational book I want people to push bass to pass the boundaries and the chains that we put ourselves and other people put us in and be more positive and look in the mirror and say I'm going to get better my wife gave me a mantra I said every day and I'd look in the mirror say I'm getting better I'm getting stronger I'm getting better and being stronger I'm say it every day