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  • 00:01: in Moscow in the 19th century, the main thing we do Shrovetide at the history of many famous All Russian occupation Sergey throat so that cherished one of a kind landlord Old Believer banned smoking tobacco to unclean actually did not smell they are not fixed term with huge print Here visitors were served pancakes that is on everyone's mind constantly baked with dawn to dusk arrows debt have different fillings his Russian pancakes and the restaurant was famous pancakes in addition to the test
  • 00:31: fish Accommodation grind the pie plate all stuffed with minced fish and to visit middle of an open book is on sturgeon slices lying on a piece of summer Vecherki prestigio fed sunlight republic It reaches not in vain is considered the king players hallmark of Russian cuisine in Russia it was probably
  • 01:00: most favorite dish for Rastegaev centuries cooked mushrooms and CIS and himself but of course the traditional toppings for their breakthrough and then fantasy Pirozhnikov was no limit to imagine Statement tiny one reaches 400 liver or stuffed sturgeon half attendance systems and suits guests with freshness and Dirk pristuplyuk list let's prepare ourselves comprehending by Moscow
  • 01:30: Smorodskaya prosecutor's office but for this we need yeast dough fishing port of registry onion salt pepper face pilgrims nose rallies and salmon minced fish put finely chopped onion add that to the face Mr. reasons
  • 02:01: and a good mix MET take the test on a separate small pieces and each piece of search hotels Kroshechka Now there is at mid-set fish on and extremely cat among them, the Chitat remained open to middle,
  • 02:31: maybe that's why in the stems It got its name pies supposed greased pan surface can face but strong sweet tea Vadim stand 15 so as not to come and I repeat that Piglet preheated oven and here we have given our reach from the oven and before serving the middle of each reaches supposed failure of salt
  • 03:00: fish Of course, you can have both reaching separate dish well, and the walls of their mission to accompany and Mecca fish broth itself such Russian cuisine from their weight reaches the middle of each patty always spoon nourishing fish broth as pies becomes juicy and aromatic Angel for a meal staff Trotsenko
  • 03:32: JSC prosecutor's office She was childhood devices wonderful It does not look like anything else bright colors and food what fun it was called in the capital This wide variety of conditions and now for I live bright celebrate reboot before Lent world rematch
  • 04:01: or is it a gentlemen we have passed the century festive critical circle now you can decorate your table new delicious comforting if your health but remember that the meaning of Christian holidays is it Costinha Cherevkov and spiritual joy in spiritual communion with God and man I wish you God's help in all your good deeds and endeavors All the best