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  • 00:01: today we make dough pizza for that we You need 2 eggs, two cups flour 1 teaspoon teaspoon of salt and half Glass of milk milk we warmed eggs room temperature mix it with eggs salt of the milk a little
  • 00:35: stir flour We sift makes both
  • 01:07: always logic begins to interfere eggs
  • 01:37: all we pour add arms olive dough oils We begin to knead
  • 02:14: table can be a little pour more
  • 02:51: knead the dough long enough 10 minutes it takes the dough should be smooth elastic completely come off from the hands and on the table of the
  • 03:01: the number of test should we have the well somewhere pizza 2 as slow so that we share half a slice clean I suggest writing roll once on baking paper so you do not to shift anything
  • 03:56: roll out but is thin enough without fanaticism
  • 04:00: naturally cover We got to do a wee bit we raise to the edge Booth killed us bordyurchik as usual put on your pizza time all that's left
  • 04:30: personal refrigerator not today down to tomatoes but it was not dryish better is always something liquid class that is not the liquid that will juice
  • 05:08: sprinkle with sausages start sausage mushrooms if you want all that the tunnel
  • 05:39: natural cheese bake at 200 from 20 degrees to 30 check the minutes test readiness is not
  • 06:01: I would like very much strongly dry up took 25 minutes, I think everything is ready overdry the dough does not so pleasant