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  • 00:04: today we It will need 300 grams slightly salty red fish 100 grams of shrimp funnels 4 boiled eggs 100 grams of soft cheese philadelphia 4 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 tablespoon cinnamon 8 grams gelatin, gelatin soaked in half cups of cold boiling water and reserve to swelling
  • 00:30: rice boiled in salted water until readiness swollen gelatin We warm up to waterbath or microwave to complete dissolution finely cut shrimp on a coarse grater on 3 separately proteins and yolks of boiled eggs
  • 01:10: combine cream Philadelphia cheese with mayonnaise stir and adding uncool gelatin
  • 01:36: diameter bowl about 14 15 centimeters was covered with food film Now the whole inner
  • 02:01: the surface of the bowl We need to send red plates fish it needs cut into thin plates are best course to take the case has then finished cutting you can cut yourself the bottom of the spread
  • 02:31: a few tablespoons spoons of cream on top yolks Zalka promazyvayut cream dining room again spoon on top shrimp
  • 03:03: and cream on top again cake and proteins again cream Put the top boiled rice all fill the remaining Cover with cream
  • 03:32: the remaining fish plate Cover with foil and We put in the refrigerator at least 2 hours