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  • 00:12: Hello welcome you to my channel is now I want to talk to you and experiment about that a lot on youtube videos that show that the
  • 00:31: using this Device that is pest Moustaquim can switch doing endless energy that it is not necessary pay raise only moult the right way it can be use their fun and so I I spent some experiments and came to a certain conclude that you show it but of course nonsense
  • 01:02: let's find out exactly but that does not mean all aware of the fact that it is possible use of only a But with the extension cord such a device inside the device I you it from another apparatus and so we We see here costs toroidal
  • 01:30: and choke capacitors and ground wire in the middle Now he's cool grounding here you see short his little clipped then it all together jointly established here in this place is just it smaller size Of course it's just he plays with the most
  • 02:00: major role that is If you have extension cords simply switch it will not work Firstly Secondly Here's a similar Extension also will not work but we go to that me this wire there are only half a meter and a half meter is not enough is to run why the system
  • 02:31: All we know about magnetic fields so the land greater number of winding the greater the voltage so this But with the extension cord so many wires around here ten meters just for to somewhere get the voltage District 220-240 volts
  • 03:00: as it turns out, we We turn from here this extension But from this include and here we It obtains a closed chain is at the expense of this extension on then the extender wires create a magnetic field interactive terrestrial field and
  • 03:30: form electricity but there is potential but one thing we do not see You should get this way here to the yellow wire with down yellow wire is me what it is and I'm talking about how to Now hooked Well that is like this it should not be an hour here
  • 04:00: rotates only one axis then girlfriend in no if they need to cross it as example blue yellow and it also crosswise that is, it turns out It is one wire goes on other passes through choke at this device filter to another and so the circle and he
  • 04:30: will drive this as a way to create Here again it is us We need to stress and AC frequency so I It took just lighter now I it make out in order to make a start start here this the potential that is form but in this coil and we do not need to not
  • 05:01: here in this ring, and in it and to the earth look, you see Earth it is connected capacitors for this circuit so we see here is the land should be used magnifying window to close closer but I think
  • 05:31: you can see it here we are here this ground in the middle of which we we will use to run this system this device we Check the voltage and check that we Here it crosses and wires phase of sleep you with phase 0 then it was after Output from this But with the device this chokes that is how
  • 06:01: time is right potential and measure stress the lantern lamp will but as a confirmation I'm here for 1 it took hits for both clarity yet Believe it if you will connecting iron iron he will not pull power of the device is very small and now I now make out
  • 06:34: lighter and posing the right way data prosecutor's with this and we will continue So continue our experiments means all I have done I posed appliance cooked to measure voltage so phasing of I It seemed to have done so
  • 07:00: now we will try to run then there will be a spark try to run but still bad starts all probably just like Start now on Check the voltage
  • 07:30: what we have here It obtained since the arrow shows at This upper scale 235 voltage and 535 guests try the lighting certainly better here lightbulb Lamp economically and We will taste like
  • 08:01: just as soon after this device because please the it turns out that most the unit is on and here figures earned my our work life will be NITEL please all
  • 08:30: It is running all about suites enough to break here here on this circuit how it all goes out and cease to work I am trying to iron fan connect does not pull guys do not pull understand even now time 240 is almost
  • 09:01: unstable motion but the frequency of ok so normally it try to break this system well, as the and so so try to check the main theory is not just one idiot He showed a video and all Think on this any can not repeat it
  • 09:30: should still guys electronics, physics at least high-school know so write that you got happy course We repeated this fashion What are some methods not getting is free electricity and so subscribe to Like video stavte if you do not like it liked can I write criticism
  • 10:01: it is possible uchtu more see all all hello bye bye