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  • 00:00: bright pullover from NATO jersey rags warm and very original styles. make this possible just for an evening style pullover will surround and free son blood-sleeved knitted cuffs and waistband such a collar model is suitable for any figure We collect beautiful colored rags back pullover Made of Tyrol wool and need it is only 60 centimeters but on Empty shelf similar the texture knit trim
  • 00:30: waist cuffs gather together all the color product composition we add up the wool face inside and remove this one size girth thighs cut pullover start from the back of the blame bending mark half wind measurements plus 5 centimeters We put a label and through She hold the line block length equal to 30 centimeters in the corner draw the neck a width of 8 centimeters from it at a slight tilt draw sleeve
  • 01:02: width anoint have 15 centimeters combine it with the block and round off this angle back cut it with taking into account allowances for stitches patchwork cut squares with sides 10 centimeters sew them together I am supposed to be here
  • 01:31: a mat around on the back form Now adjust putting a shelf her back shear and cut excess neck We are doing a little deeper sew shoulder seams and side add search
  • 02:00: cuffs and collar that's a new thing colored pullover from Patches will only you have a way with the choice bottom thereto problems too will not be exact use any plain things Olga nikishicheva Kirill Golubev first channel