Svetlana Holodok

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▶ elastic closing of an elastic band with 1х1 needles - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:01: I want to show you one of the methods closing gum 1 1 needle flexible way So I tied a Her big thing turndown will be delayed He bred here below up and respectively here will loop close linked rubber 1 1 and this one here is a method closing needle
  • 00:32: imitation initial classic set loops this is done so so if 1 peter loop goes face dress a needle Next Wrong
  • 01:00: dress a needle lest crisscrossed front loop removed with spokes formed is such a loop threading and ships and gu Now tighten The first loop is Wrong we start needle from the wrong
  • 01:30: side and remove loop in front loop vdevaem needle seamy side threading formed eyelet We put on a needle in a loop and tighten front loop with front side loop and shoot
  • 02:01: not wrong to overturn We do a loop the loop stretch needle tighten Wrong side of sa insignia in the loop
  • 02:31: front side with front capital vaio loop from the front sides from the inside
  • 03:56: We are given to close end collar
  • 04:00: this method of closing loops can be also use when you close socks if vyazhesh from mittens socks too, can be closed general use at its discretion