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POMIDORKI OF \"ROASTING\"\u000aI got this recipe with very picturesque addition \"LOOK DO NOT eat TOO MUCH\" (Excuse...)\u000aThat says it all.\u000aFive - seven put days to readiness these tomatoes do not maintain. Since the day before yesterday to the refrigerator the path is trodden... Crack, crack door... You speak to yourself: \"Well, one more also I leave\"... But... The lock should be hung up on the refrigerator!!! Big, very big!!!\u000aIT IS REQUIRED:\u000aTomatoes green - 1 kg\u000aSalt - 1 tablespoon.\u000aSugar - 1 tablespoon.\u000aVinegar - 70 ml\u000aGarlic - 5-7 z
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