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Knitting by a hook the Lesson 245 Six-sided motive of Crochet hexagon motif - YouTube

Knitting by a hook the Lesson 245 Six-sided motive of Crochet hexagon motif - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:18: all the verge of collapse at first as I already said moving loop
  • 00:33: with the air of intrigue loop and 3 We do in Cyprus on the hook introducing it into sliding yahoo peak or I can not order until the end of He denies negative 1 more same not race until the end complex economy
  • 01:00: then travel to the area rub Nizhyn trick air Petlin and inside the sliding 5 0 I love let exhibitions we do Makiyivka on a hook don kryachok Center moving Beijing they have nothing ca. countries do not burn until the end
  • 01:31: Publication cm nokia and when we left almost 4 square Khaled Kaim they and that is why the kit but ready Further I also air Petlin
  • 02:01: and bind more January 4 the same child salons opulent bars The exact can then be sliding drinking and then using a joined or picnic join first and the last peak of this option for this purpose, with a clear dress
  • 02:30: in the center of our First column lush and the beach connective you can begin to draw company suddenly 1 to connect the name of the column and copies of the air sleep then I live three air drinking houses We do Nalchik on the hook and under the hood
  • 03:02: we introduce the hook make a career it reigns not ended the concert at the club Cyprus Another one same It is not finished until the end of banks and then overlap rooted in it celebrities 3 is nothing more air Beijing and vagrants and bmw lush bar at the same point
  • 03:36: lush bar state of lane unfinished MNT site in New York 4 Beijing surplus together etc. but I'm 3 air St. Petersburg next parking Kolyadina them
  • 04:01: went to bar consisting carioca unfinished to end carpenters him as the nokia website who is obliged to April 5 pounds but here and on what 3 boston reading stages will be repeated until the end of the period each as Ukraine make 2
  • 04:30: lush column initiated about 100 pieces recycling until the end of we do not know the chants sir McCartney the very first magnificent table and to peak radiation but they connection the second row of blocks welcome and there is no legal colors for this to real
  • 05:00: first 5 m air chain thread of a different color then conducting tube in the asset and the amount of baths kryachok between the posts a map of the five air south oblige connecting Beijing etc. I'm such air cues 2
  • 05:32: We do nokia n cryin ca. he many hook here and some of the air and bind not finished him republics site nokia g and another same and then three peak to drink a comment mystic Next, I terribly and air picnic do on May 7 on the hook, we can not
  • 06:02: course and a column three unfinished columns one easy and when she named yang Boutique 4 May and provinces of China together etc. I lived 3 air
  • 06:31: and we welcome one exact column next park then hold 3 base air Petlin
  • 07:01: Shooting still arch you do not know the lush 2 column this is the first then 3 air same way second lush column the same point
  • 07:39: May 4 have Well I and 3 air picnic further places are not repeated we will not pay another park 1 magnificent column further include park and 2 etc. 1
  • 08:01: alternating goods between a peak when a number suitable to the end connect the first and last song through connective whether this form is now turned and seen that in those places where we located dollars explain column already formed angles and our of the future 6 of the draft
  • 08:30: I do not know anything fourth fifth she wore no hook here is how to buy five aircraft pensions connection then nothing 3 air Beijing Dwan column Kyiv Mayor Advisor subcortical suit air Pettit
  • 09:04: then I'm Belene air beijing it will be stealing our will still hexagon three columns with some camping same point Interfax
  • 09:34: and third Further under each card from the Beijing air pass over him a jacket and a column take stock type Mitrofanov
  • 10:00: and front and under the arch sets yet again 3105 concerning nokia Caracas battle and front to begin execution of the second plan six puppeteer
  • 10:30: in summer I did three columns with one in Cyprus dolls our hexagon report and tourism then pajamas Trier Beijing air so boutique that school and many three columns the way it is kin to the same nail
  • 11:07: 2 and now we have worse Pope Carlo is decorated our hexagon proposal writing until the end exactly and I will finish here before the end of connect
  • 11:30: the first and last St. Petersburg Poltava connective Peter Here it is now the hexagon turned if we support it contrasting thread under control eg columns signs trade will even more impressive and then the result no one will remember the year in the preparation just behind the move
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