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  • 00:00: Now I want you show how smooth fur here note sometimes fur is a chewed here let it look look what quality fur but, in principle, can result in normal condition if you ironed you see from the front part of a moment, chewed it ugly and the wrong side naturally, too,
  • 00:31: acquires such a view chewed mint or rather somewhere remained not so good quality and so naturally he hesitated fur such a state It may still be in the if the fur coat was worn long and where something could be among things lying or reduced or just somewhere to say so I lay here so the quality of fur you can see for yourself here It is here to chew we naturally
  • 01:01: front side It does not look the best she all some chewing no wrinkled but his They can be a fix it copes very easy just now note here this part of the fur at I mention the smoother on look very smooth beautiful Wrong side looks like in this way and is here to state and fur let's get pay attention to
  • 01:33: completely different piece which is here the next is and now he is here chew to chew seamy side and if you pay focus on the front side of the of course you do see how result the front side of the same most practical Chewing and ugly untidy so we take with you about those here ordinary iron It means iron arrow You have desirable
  • 02:04: put between two and three i.e do not bet on dvoechku but between the two and Troika to risochka it was then we will temperature just possible for but to stroke the fur I also want to pay your account before you begin to stroke it is desirable to have You had what that a piece in which you You could try all this if you you try to see assaults left men do not attack
  • 02:34: chewed well, that's like smoothed out many Chewed means then temperature for Ironing good and We need to start when the iron is hot we simply take and here and so gently put on fur see receiving process ironing it is not necessary to press the steam excluded from time to I in no way stroking the fur can not be stroking it here It can be in any
  • 03:04: completely direction as the get the same caress it means such fur which does not require in particular ironing one or the other side it can be use as the he was to have been extended that is to say nothing to him will let us here here's my piece was left once to a dozen You can accurately seen that can happen here and so iron deliver and that's how that's not neatly
  • 03:34: slowly as if to lead back the other side iron you can see that immediately surface it becomes smooth you can still like this here's a way to iron fur that is, see The result is that this hand what this parties have in principle but now the same Let's see look just like miracle for some to It was something incomprehensible and that became very interesting if if such fur
  • 04:05: incomprehensible for tucks bald spot mean while fur it is desirable to you I look at the pile It is here in this I mean direction I get on here and so fur and Here is my nap I'm down here and so old fur is a little like You see it send in one direction and But when I sent That's when you can a little iron deliver and that's how But his little about crank see
  • 04:36: in this way a little slowly here you are hangnail no see pretty simple Well burrs and can give more because not It may be a thread somewhere stuck in Micah here's all over visibility where that is strings that just need to pull and instant coward and general, see
  • 05:06: almost nothing that is, it stays here are all pretty just let us look one piece here zhopka You see what zhopka All this is not some Now strip then you can still here in this way the fur again a little on the pull there is obtained fur we are here in this direction, and I just pull piece for fur if if there is somewhere some defects here
  • 05:36: that in principle all iron these defects are simple fix Look already already very good let us turn see more see what it turns out that have now that is, any day defect in the coat can be
  • 06:08: fix many pat under marlechku Basically I do not advise do this because you will not feel the texture of fur you can his or supplies or priposadit very strongly or very much to give a high temperature and without gauze glasses are very good at it here you see the result basically anything difficult in that no we let it
  • 06:38: piece which Basically we had been once small stands let's collar try that with him happen if too But his press them apart because fur is here it is not clear in what direction, so all still need try some defects
  • 07:08: Well, what happens if Look there's Such are the differences bumps here and But in this part of You did not see the smooth surface We have to get rid from all this that is iron rests on a series of Dima and you and so a wee bit extendible all here these humps irregularities they are here under the iron if you here them a little further so Now they stretch all go look it turns smooth surface and also is another
  • 07:38: side Well, you certainly have to feel the need to fur feel so that if you do not You will feel it you can not very well let's lie look look walking hand I feel it's still such a damp then a little damp there he must give time to dry it and so can cheer up slightly fluff and little let dry all yet here it is not here Now this hand but
  • 08:08: Now this hand because this side a little bit wet and of course where that is, what is These are the strings here that is desirable just too much is not clear Well you need in the general then we are all with you met with razutyuzhku fur you Now you will know how it's done I hope if you have questions tournament write or call again good luck