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Children's slippers boots on a fur sole a hook. Children's boots with fur sole hook. - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:02: welcome needlework enthusiasts in this video I will tell how to connect children boots with fur soles for work need scissors two different hook one thin dimensions I have 175 millimeters and hook
  • 00:30: basic knitting 2 half a millimeter yarn I chose yarn two colors dark brown and Orange Yarns I have a pretty volume 100 gram skeins of 200 meters further need for yarn I am the sole binding I chose silk the yarn has a very strong thread for
  • 01:04: you need to start work prepare sole My sole is of artificial fur are quite dense surround you you can use any available you This material can be felt from the drop old coat or Felt like means
  • 01:30: prepared in the following way learn marker sole circuit I entered for the sole the shoe on We need to prepare Strapping hole soles at a distance 1 cm from the edge and centimeter between holes marker need
  • 02:00: apply layout then hot awl make a hole tied with sole follows in prepared hole desirable yarn finer and durable knit in every opening of the loop 2
  • 02:58: fasten thread
  • 03:08: the tips you need to associate against a very strong node
  • 03:30: that's the way the sole prepared it is important that the hole on the sole on the right and left match start vyvyazyvayut boot we add up the sole approximately half mid-sole We find the loop and
  • 04:01: We start undergirding sole 1 yatuna without bars sc in provyazyvaem each loop tails hide crochet and knit so on
  • 04:32: circle Knit the first row connective loop join series next row provyazyvaem loops column with sc first vyvyazyvayut two air loops sc to do hook and in each
  • 05:02: loop provyazyvaem column with sc row knit connective loop join series
  • 05:37: knit the next row Makes 2 Air sc loop on the hook we start with a hook seamy side for column the thread is pulled
  • 06:02: provyazyvaem two the first loop the last two again to sc we start hook hook on the reverse side for column and the thread is pulled
  • 06:30: provyazyvaem post with sc We continue knitting in we start this series is knitted sock
  • 07:01: visually define middle soles something like this a loop fix its marker and on each side We reckon on 12 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  • 07:38: in another this loop side we We do not consider 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 December 11
  • 08:02: marked with markers they have 24 loops provyazyvaem follows on socks we need make the cut will vyvyazyvayut 2 loops together and sc we start on the hook hook for a column provyazyvaem two first hinge 2
  • 08:31: formed loop It remains on the hook sc on the hook plant in the next column the hook is pulled provyazyvaem two thread the first loop and now 3 loops provyazyvaem remaining on the hook in one loop and so provyazyvaem combining the 2 loops
  • 09:01: all marked with a marker loop
  • 09:40: so knit up to the mark knit sock reductions are made go on knit series as We started it without
  • 10:01: just cuts provyazyvaya loop setting the stage for the hook column on the reverse hand over a number of connective loop connected series we do markup reduction next row We find the center and from the the central loop
  • 10:31: note the hinges 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 fix loop reckon next side with Given the marked loop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 marking done We start vyvyazyvayut the next row but I zion two air loops sc to do
  • 11:02: hook and enter from the wrong hook hand hinge top row and the thread is pulled vyvyazyvayut post with sc so knit up marked loops dovyazali up marked loop
  • 11:30: now we need to do to decrease wear we introduce the hook provyazyvaem January 2 loop not leaving knit top introduce loop hook
  • 12:00: between the loops provyazyvaem two the first loop and provyazyvaem one the remaining loop loops on hook so to diminish marked marker loop knit up marked with a marker knit loops on
  • 12:33: As a beginner crochet sc on the hook hook to introduce seamy side between the loops and vyvyazyvayut post with sc and so knit up end of the series
  • 13:06: We start vyvyazyvayut next row note 10 central hinges January 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 fix them markers start vyvyazyvayut number as previous vyvyazyvayut two
  • 13:30: aerial loops and provyazyvaem bars with upper nakida loop on the reverse the so knit up start marker is knitted sock making 2 sc on
  • 14:01: hook, enter the hook between the loops provyazyvaem two the first loop not the last loop provyazyvaem We do two more nakida to introduce the hook hook between the loops provyazyvaem two
  • 14:30: the first loop and We combine all the loops in one loop so knit to marker provyazyvaya to 2 loops together to decrease wear and we brought go on to knit column one sc to end of row
  • 15:11: We start vyvyazyvayut the last row with decrease from the central loop each way reckon 6 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 fix marker vyvyazyvayut follows
  • 15:31: 2 way air 1 sc in the loop hook provyazyvaem two first loop 1 nakida 2 on the first hook loop left loop provyazyvaem
  • 16:00: with the following loop knit with two sc provyazyvaya to 2 loops together
  • 16:30: so knit to marker the last two loops provyazyvaem column one sc decrease made further knit full-length provyazyvaya each loop on the reverse sides column with sc
  • 17:03: height boot brought it decrease over do not need farther up you You can cut on its sole discretion, any height What you enjoy I'm in my sample cut in two rows these series subtraction You do not need here such children's boots Fur-soled
  • 17:31: I have turned knit with happy luck