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  • 00:03: you also curd obtained stuffing dry and spoils the taste dessert today change because Tanya Litvinova will reveal all the secrets cooking tenderest filling of useful curd hello Tanya The Fellowship of the hello Girls today we really so warm Women company in our finalists studio Contest Sponsor trademark Tulchin to now there are 9 but only one
  • 00:30: will receive the grand prize This master class from Tanya Litvinova Let's get acquainted Natalia Macedonia from Caneva Tatiana Astapov from Kiev Elena Ivanitskaya White church Anastasia Avdeenko of Vyshgorod forest and Ivanitskaya Zoe skill Makhlai village Mazepin 7 Belotserkovsky district, Natalia Alexeeva from the city of Stakhanov Vladislav carols from Cherkasy hope Kostevich Bakhmach city all such lovely Tanya
  • 01:00: and we will decide who will win today's competition Today we will learn manufactures delicate curd stuffing for this our finalists have small plug strainer beater drushlag and sieve and very little the amount of cheese I I do not know how to all these facilities apply to only bowls with some cottage cheese the job you put the task is to you needed any of these items use for to do curd uniform and by the
  • 01:30: who deal with it job faster What is signified higher quality we are prepared will choose the winner on 1st contest 1 Minute of cottage cheese and improvised cook delicate filling for dessert if someone finished earlier than in one minute raise your hands and you will most high-speed Offeror minute started girls minute It will take place very quickly already to the point as soon as Tanya He told about the job you would need to
  • 02:00: understand how you I will do so I look at some Girls look at others to determine how best to make delicate curd Tanya so strict notes view I wondering what who chose as I used to mill You know it seems to me that some of the girls decided that the more items submitted use the soft and smooth turn on than before see that some 2 is used directly to the subject is only 20
  • 02:30: I would like to seconds Of course the whole cheese turned into a although obviously stuffing that most of participating units ground here I I see that someone , only one forks and so five four three two kitchen top which is characteristic of one of the participants said before time
  • 03:01: that has already expired Well done Tanya the most difficult moment 1 minute is not so much for cheese but enough in order to finalists For estimation We went here with us Natalia hello Natasha hello love cottage cheese course I do not know how I know how to cook everything you used to to get from the gentlest He took the first beater something to break here this entire curd weight and then make fork and broke through that
  • 03:30: I make the air I feel the grains The fact that the plug in order to chop the curd in uniform consistency you need a little more time the curd is still a solid mass and it is not a good the idea was use a whisk Well that's the result that Well then Tatiana from Kiev Tanya you what strategy sieve used for to go there auction because she hard to train and cottage cheese is softer because of this, but what is not This here is durshlachok to Tanya for him be honest about not
  • 04:00: which is something I just I put on the bottom of even I do not know why, when cottage cheese is not clear that much I can see here colander Ken just one tablespoon although the quality of perfect thank you So this is how it was necessary to do so but go further here Helena Helena whisk and sieve that you We did everything together first on a small Do your flower but it falls over a well then look very long will the case whisk well Reception countries have well well, a little fast only Regained
  • 04:30: resident you need use whatever put all things I plug up blood I understood Again, I see not a large number of filling it our stuffing too perfect but Unfortunately it is too little to use our dessert as we did Nastya is a first whisk been realized plug will be more convenient since it is larger a little bit so it More frays new triturated through a properly yes yes you have nothing to the network has little there is a bit of cheese
  • 05:01: cheese here in this bowls and quite little for Thumbelina has cheese here quality too excellent even I will not try because the sieve It copes well with but its task Unfortunately filling and so much as we but we see a little bit greater than that previous participants ie the number of filling grows let's see how Les coped job but I look that the situation repeated fillings again a little bit More literally I half tablespoon I see that and ground in the same
  • 05:30: but it perfectly just a little bit greater than that previous participants can be Zoe cope better but milk production is much more filling first took baht the scope of the container get all 7 filling House of large Boxer to the printer one-third are one-third are Tanya is a third correct here this strategy take not the whole cottage just put in a sieve and part of how to do well, yes to simplify your task to do it parts of the same to me it seems that for some reason
  • 06:00: you with cheese is very Yes, I have often against the kindergarten I substance on guns then a lot of moisture and hearts and see that the result is better than but previous see what we waiting on let look thanks for I'm Natalia I work in full swing I look at that fork and Whisk all of you so slightly on used yes yes what little strainer not rubbing not I managed to I see that you The result should be excellent quality cheese is good but
  • 06:30: I would like to be it was a little bit longer however Vladislav and that that is what and Vladislav triturated whole cheese look look Vladislav some He dates his daughter Tanya you said that we should through a fray asita Vladislav clean but I also see and as you turned to leave and notable in this rubbed in my a real girl that you made with cottage cheese I wanted to signet a pair of Tartarus chips and things gorodochke then it was possible to mesh such hour
  • 07:00: mind tanyushenka quality plug it make pretty difficult to turned gentle cream where feelings lumps because I grainy curd I would structure it I wanted to quality was a little but you better I think you know and that Vladislav I went on the road rapid method it once estimated that time is short and I worked with a fork ingenuity to height but the quality eventually curd not very frayed but wonderful dimples namesake
  • 07:30: long live hope about what you've done Nadia tell but time was given but it is necessary to muse in time you see through a roller a visit to the close up to replace the blender a minute I'm in shock look what quality fair speaking in shock and I somehow I think you Now, without any doubt picked who is the winner of this year cap sung obvious we see a number of cottage cheese in bowl and you We worked with strainer
  • 08:00: we did it absolutely correct and I'm ready to announce the winner do with great gladly Hope bones of HIV Bakhmach city really so obvious the results of my I have never been hope gets Grand Prize today competition is Master Class Tanya Litvinova where I even Tanchiki It could be something learn and the most delicate secrets cheese fillings desserts Tanya reveal to all of us after
  • 08:31: participants today competition finalists of sponsor trade brand to Tulchin receive gifts because all you deserve it worked great my dear today I I prepared for you astonishing Italian dessert on today will be Italian small celebration sweet it to 0 to 0, and details skie butt and Tse yak tube with cover wafer bottom
  • 09:00: cream cheese candied sunk spochatku done and Our goal Sam eventually island tucked glorious star clan Kaplan and licorice tube of white Chop and healed gangster glory malt than them because Screen won here why the amount of light channel naming protein in lily Yankoulov and demand is not I cheesecake recipe cream substitute for sales and SSA Crimea proteins yes our expert to teach Here you have it not original to 0, and know the most delicate cream for licznik Volynov
  • 09:30: all will start cook it to 0 baking and making of crispy in such a straw for to prepare it we need to do dough we have 200 grams flour we flour sifted and we send her car 1 tablespoon of sugar I just put and what we add to the dough oil or plant tea we will mix use vegetable egg mixture It is well suited for cooking baking the dough as the very fast fit due to the content
  • 10:00: sunflower oil consisting of a mixture of baking it turns the air dough surprising soft and long preserves freshness and even today Tatiana will reveal all the secrets cooking delicate curd filling Well it already Dyusha He has taken the first step to this skill where such skills so quickly fray curd when home come to visit children daughter from taking son and daughter, and three grandchildren there could not sleep We have to prepare
  • 10:31: fast as you add vegetable creamy mixture 40 grammes do not need it melt but in no case, do not boil up and that it just melted, and became liquid catty low always use lard earlier but because of this they become more crispy but we We make our mind more Dietetic so add water vegetation cream mixture Are you ready Ever channel none 1 1 0 this dish, and I want watch each process correctly almost rasstajal
  • 11:00: left just few lumps I I rented to you overheat there We need to give him a little cool I poured into cold dishes and connect if and let me wine yes we add muscat wine here such a bright your master class you learn properly add and stir all the blame here 100 milliliters of wine
  • 11:30: Tatiana became a Dzyadok children can eat grandchildren's little two and a half years character entirely easy because there will be no grams of alcohol after baking so you You can not be afraid that It gives the wine It creates an acidic environment and it makes the wine in conjunction with vegetable creamy mixture here this crunchy tube structure now we can kneading the dough mix the dry with ingredients wet and gone-gone hope what's your job all for Education
  • 12:01: psychologist plus creating clothes clothing designer today can master class you You can also desserts I create it very happy Feel what in our dough It happened to you understood some consistency it must be you happens after you him for interfering soft gentle we should give him relax and for how long ingredients are Tanya joined us an hour will send it in it is in our fridge will rest there but
  • 12:30: I also always a test so do what we We do it right certainly pleases It saddens one a hour wait of course I I prepared in advance but it is high time we I settle and become slightly different Feel what it It rose and became more elastic is impression that it He wants to ride again now we're this and Let us, I'm sharing it half fine without flour it is not lapped shipyard yes
  • 13:00: because there is the rest of the wreath still just a little do more uniform seredinku Now I show some the thickness must be it is literally two millimeter until it reminiscent of the workpiece dumplings for giving according to squeeze 3 more to make it all Here are four you develop a new dessert Dyusha today and in general to 0 some desserts for grandchildren you cook It may be made of curd something Pancakes Our Ukrainian 10 necessarily Varenichki ratchet and syrnichki and
  • 13:32: Password dessert sour cream still doing well, Of course it is for this dessert chic Hope probably so quickly and grind These voting dandy court yards wolf Figure so I do not I doubt that that's this dessert they will be enjoyed Now we can safely The oven for so that it has I warmed up I do much degrees to 180 degrees there is a dessert we not too much distributed because need for him special device is there we must now this dough wrap
  • 14:00: around special something Do cal rolls on diameter 2 times less than this one roll but even I do not have and they're expensive yes and and you know no longer what they apply in addition to the Molly is not necessary and not It was what you're that we do not today, We will make the channel find and we are now We will develop rubles skillful hands I have here are homemade rolls I am using for many years and let me we hope try to determine what they are made Nadia view them cult thin metal and it turns out
  • 14:30: any piece of tin and wood among if we reveal you can probably I guess it It was previously no perhaps this bank out of the drink I 2 cut off cut off the upper part gently with a knife or scissors and then divide in half and get this here plate Rectangular from this plate obtained two tubes wring them well Now in this way I gave him a good washed metal sponge to
  • 15:00: wipe all the paint which it is not it turns out that's a Now stripped beautiful metal then I turned the tube very strong tight it is then clamped When it develops it becomes a little larger and It keeps the shape itself Me and now this tube actually destroys all obstacles that separate us from preparations for 0 I give car you a piece of dough and on the tube dough after it to lie down, she a little came running to the center but that is, I it here and so I straighten the fingers
  • 15:30: slightly increasing in size and pull on the tube can be a little help yourself start rolling pin cheat on a tube like this that's way as if but presses to after Baking is not Disconnect the I it sticks together yolk know but you do I See all realized I am kind and always when there is such a opportunity sure but what you have already prepared from the fact that our kitchen cooking ravioli candy I really liked
  • 16:01: they thought I did not turn out well Get the kids very satisfied candy I give to ordinary Now it is too early in a half years after can let you have than pet pilaf He loves risotto and we here at all bude relish We prepared the present pilaf you some sekretik there have for myself it was interesting that Now this whole head garlic then when he had prepared watching gives a delicious taste
  • 16:30: and smell that is, it can be liked very next stage for so that they propeklis evenly on all the parties and would not be know how pastrami mennoy legs leg I use such here wooden skewers you can simply stick Sushi take something that has improvised in the kitchen is passed here now and so in limbo the status of their follow I have not seen this ship they baked their will stay there for 15 minutes and in the meantime we
  • 17:00: We make delicious curd finally I have I ask Assistant his grind almonds and there big enough the number of two-thirds he roasted cup but brown skin almonds have about piquancy so then there they give all the flavor almond because are allocating oil to a state We need to grind you know there is not is so important because this decoration Well, I grinds more small to
  • 17:30: He gave all his aroma Nadia curd already triturated with remains us only knead the stuffing make it sweet and delicious and so find all please repeat how to make tender curd to utilization the filling must take sieve fork and rotational movements to fast throughout the surface of sieve quickly frays wings but I understand it nothing for sensitive
  • 18:00: filling us need chocolate or we can know his ears are already just as I I put water bath to its melt us will need to be liquid I give chocolate We need to take black or dairy I I use black like chocolate combination of black chocolate and almonds frayed cottage cheese I I go to a big capacity but I the impression Tanya that our Four channel is not Instead all I give a greater proportion of Both the number of already it decreases they wish how many cheese Here, by weight 300 grams of curd and
  • 18:30: somewhere 3-4 tablespoons spoons of sugar can add the vanilla and sugar to he was more tender I I put two tablespoons spoon sour cream home is still important work here fork to that so all is well Connect and weight It was more air it can find and afford she expressway girl but already there Chocolate it boils glazik I reduce temperature Nadia here now Tanya melts chocolate in a bain bath we many times it We made in our kitchen
  • 19:00: you probably know main secret here this process Of course I know the main thing to bowl that It is in chocolate It does not reach to the bottom like us as you have it even a small I put sekretik spoon or fork one end to to air clubs We did not get chocolate because if there he gets Vodicka immediately begin exfoliate but Nadia has with its work coped Tanya literally instant chocolate Melt we have we can take it off channel ready and can
  • 19:31: give it cheaply pull out a here's a sentence World smell something which and beauty are used to it little decrease in size and become such loose and tourists here to this golden color care wooden skewers not still hot but we you need to remove them by metal in order that they will cool down not yet ostyvshimi channel should be removed You do not need to give them cool is not so much time so we
  • 20:00: We will do it very careful due to the fact that our tube itself business they are very convenient because we can not problems to get them even with the hot kanalid I good squeezes and a tube channel literally jumps with the tube so we do not damage it even hot it turns out that that's this option homemade tubes to channel more more convenient than professional growth Italians guessed and Tanya Now we guessed We give them a little cool I to pour curd cream and that you're comfortable
  • 20:30: channel was somehow put on dostochku or directly on the plate we can form Boards them and then publish krasivenko on the plate because new cat with chocolate and nuts I dip closures channel into the chocolate and then I do the same with and the second part Now just as well dipped in nuts if crushed nuts very finely then they very beautiful and uniformly fill the whole layer of chocolate, and it turns out that's a that's neat and edge it to me so here on
  • 21:00: preparatory stage should I like to think that your grandchildren will find when you see this they just will not believe that's what you've done what if I had a I myself did not believed that what I finishing touch we have to fill their curd cream Nadyushka you I think if there is no this professional pastry bag all will not cook I think that the channel unless such professional facilities anxiety can durable use plastic bag we always do
  • 21:31: all will be good in all bude relish about This recall and to all of you because I do not always need to spend extra money to to make as the present restaurant here and keep twist it to it was convenient to look that's how I'm doing here so once through the finger you will then comfortable and that I still like home the filling channel will be fully fill tube because when they buy dessert store looking for then flow of barrels silently find you got all perfectly in Tanya
  • 22:00: there are still ideas decorating channel and I until we recall fabricated to prepare channel gentlest cheese you You need flour oil or vegetation creamy mixture of sugar muscat wine cheese chocolate chopped roasted almonds Sift flour add sugar and melted butter or vegetable creamy mixture pour muscat wine knead the dough send it to refrigerator for one hour and cans cut square and and twist their rolls
  • 22:30: to channel and cut circles of dough and cheat on their tin tubes seal edge yolk that the channel is not disintegrated bake for 15 minutes at at 180 degrees for stuffing rub the cottage cheese added through a sieve sugar and cream all to stir thoroughly and a little beat up edge tubes chocolate and decorate chopped almonds he filled curd cream Still Magic This recipe put 4 channel was two and a half times You know that bone
  • 23:01: come again that's that is stocked and I brought ready-made to 0 and that cooked exactly according to the same recipe as we did Today Nadyushka Kvam the result of a wonderful result and I interesting foundations you so it candied orange cute not peel touching the white part sliced ​​stripes small and opened sugar some water a little He added somewhere around 40 minutes after that they It can be overcome through sieve mnozhechko dry and
  • 23:30: keep here in this Here is a video in a closed and sealed container use these sugared and channel will become even more beautiful than were Initial right prom.ua a crunchy dough the dough is obtained crispy even a little puff It is called the unusual dessert turns useful and very, very delicious and nice to me in this dessert like it that there is no cloying sweets are sometimes in confectionery baking products slightly sweet dough and can be adjusted q
  • 24:01: via filling Incidentally stuffed cheese simply then of course the tenderest you praise reliable ka you are so nice triturated and cheese is sure to When ready to do cheese cut you yet little secret that These channels may be not only sweet but and savory course we do not decorate chocolate and nuts we can even begin salty cheese some salads but only If these ducts will be bigger and we nothing to stop from cooking channel home if you certainly want cook because Tanya told how to do this here
  • 24:30: rolls through which channel obtained for real Italian thanks you tanyushenka Nadia Thank you very much coming to visit I was very pleased not to talk I was very pleased communicate I will take adopted this recipe you are right now promise to her grandchildren what to cook and they channel will certainly first place will be with and prepare them religious idea youtube hello you want to really cook
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