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  • 00:00: in general hello my favorite my good my family beautiful women you the best we there is no better justify Women of Ukraine grow Byelorussia and beauty on to speak here all ok for me I received many letters from issues like there grow thin in one form I mentioned 8 I will not say that there was a fat super for me there little person around my job noise not to recruit bottoms excess weight but such work bargain and not the entire
  • 00:30: the body does not trade well that all sex does not offer but it is necessary that no-no-no-no-no blown in the general different sides so we need to keep itself sometimes form sometimes overlooked He begins to eat eat eat everything and then this is the most hard as I one there are thousands of shoelaces such heavy laces already tie But in general I have somewhere Weeks 3 to lose weight thin kg on 10 then stopped then I started again eat course again but in general, that is, you just have to keep 8 thing to do
  • 01:00: first we must buy whiskey accurate that there was no such that there is one foot then become a 80 gram povernesh already eighty-two kilograms or you it is necessary to exactly 100 grams to 100 grams was exactly where there's 8 908 900 so you can see that this is not 8900 and the turn you there 80 something well, you understood that the exact Scales are a little more expensive than usually buy accurate scales go sleep recording your weight as there assume dots brought such a Me
  • 01:30: windows is something insipid number of night there fell where to sleep let's say 90 kilograms Rise up in the morning on the scale you will see that these 90 kilograms left let's say 89,200 converged given 800 grams you it's all written down here then we went to the toilet there is already decently just imagine how the wheel 800 and if normal toilet so go there half a kilogram all together on any
  • 02:00: but let there kilos Two hundred empty kilogram you lose up with the task toilet morning here This weight is not you recorded breakfast village a little bit there's something north of 200 there you have fanatical stand on scales eaten on the spot Libra a glass of water to drink We are going to the bathroom scales on a scale that is it all necessary control visually and burn without end write everything down there let's say you drank there is something in the morning Well ending drank there 200
  • 02:30: gram 200 gram some sandwich there is some kind of a egg boiled bread there there can be all that anything but a bit of you got here it We go to work, too, introduce a more active lifestyle where you have the escalator ride on foot where you have to walk bus it personally I stop to go a walking path that is behave actively to go walking here and there do not go sit is difficult once it is necessary to bend on the contrary to take and so concatenated in a general all his will into a fist in general, collect and do in general then
  • 03:00: It means to work there if you work dinner a little there, too, there is a floor a plate with a cube and there some cutlet spoon mashed it all too grams of 300,350 that have you let burn fat you up in general, you should go you have to go lower you lay out yesterday of you have come to the scales and see you had yesterday to 80 kilograms in the morning you have lost weight you He said the 79 200 let ate there for day something resembled converged something added went to the toilet vypreli glass all you have to water
  • 03:30: night falls you there should be 80 kilogram you should be 79,500 as a anything as you like Peter how to throw anything I do not care as you do this will but make it real here and see that let's say the next day you get up to let you ladies 79500 and in the morning we woke up say 78,600 or let's say 78,800 you again a little lost tasks that have to lose You will be in a dream but in day can not be I expand on them in
  • 04:05: general when we starting this or women sit on diet and start there what is there looks and on the sides themselves under I myself is such a this part only not a damn thing all Juan on the site that is visually you can not see we must not constantly slazit with weights not put all the record even when records you will see that it Monday you're there the beginning you had 90 kilograms and now you go you already there are eighty Nine and a half tomorrow you even 89,200
  • 04:31: even some 200 grams this win a little bit a little bit less a little bit less fewer falls less tiltovat all if you see that you are 80 today and you 80 again lay down all department and want to sho and at home to jump into a what you want to do at to 200 grams of store but it's not real I know it's true Come like this it is true that there is a for me it's me It helped in the overall well Another woman was there I He advised it straight was east and 100
  • 05:00: I began to write down I saw firsthand that there and look at the server photos like everyone on the place of his diet to hell mother nothing will juice and it is still worse then in general why stomach narrows you start eat less difficult three days so do not argue too heavy that day three psychologically just do not bother that you will not eat We begin to starve there no hunger there apparently all you want just a little bit our when we eat brains our understanding after As it has been 20 minutes from you ate he is a
  • 05:30: sitting hedgehog hedgehog hedgehog hedgehog hedgehog Hedgehog then became forced through a 20 minutes of God of features I get drunk and Because the brain later it is felt that that the correct back to step a little hungry composition shone Zhmenya rate goodbye placed in the living 2 such ladoshechki our such small and we live a plate of borscht authors compote together devoured We drank passed course you have different inflate hand still want that is to say is no ugly Women and Moses beauty
  • 06:00: no public no ugly women though it may dog stake there be such as a poodle or Poodle be such as Does not have as different There are different breeds breed of people have people will be full large bone in it the body then we treated the the same man he he It may not be as As a Chinese kid This is not a small It may be the just unreal just be yourself love because many feed it is necessary to lose weight there change attitudes towards Statement toupee first will turn to love
  • 06:30: themselves will love you all honest and you our beautiful women are the most cross you Ukraine Belarus Moldova and Russia, he Ivanov city fire brides because beautiful we are all beautiful no just sometimes such that without music and no taste but here at I have way too not I can with that this Odessa it buy such Jesus then if look fool about what is this We can not drown people do not pick up can somehow correctly understand that he nasty ideas we
  • 07:00: emphasize that he hide and therefore people inside and about another so ugly the case is complete God is a woman beauty's beautiful you're at it God look like looked nice man should behold Fortunately there are human eyes have here at He's so in the shower Now when all the charm when there is an internal People in harmony with yourself it was beautiful there ugly people is but not one hundred percent there is some Well, not without injury this It is of course but there is a super obesity it is necessary to the doctor is ours is something you can
  • 07:30: come up with a course Well, I certainly here I want to say to those who wants to lose weight Now you write We lay awake sleep recorded in the morning I woke recorded I went to the toilet here there is already a difference half a kilogram so it is not necessary to eat well a day and a half pounds she had to fight for the day we went there It looked like she was there 200 200 grams where there 100 to send back a person sweats burn fat we there in the bowels fully all our body just suck excess should not be given to make the ulcer there whisper nyege nyege nyege
  • 08:00: there should be 200 grams take it from the STI 4 times five times a day eat 200 grams Now you're our lost half a kilogram Places of toilets more plus one day you will save four wounds five hundred and six hundred takes a day because that man walks he It does not have to burn fat goes to energy discussion on the motion all takes energy Here you lose a day two kilograms with just half that Then we press 4 kilogram It should be lost in money is there Stesha this four or five times day 250 250 300
  • 08:31: gram so 4 times so about 200 per day, the body 200 will lose more than you per day in any case, she will go to not wane We do not need to get drunk it is necessary to eat a little bit all tricked his body just as man starts hungry he thinks shout I should be the second will not eat some will breathe it will go into fat because not immediately begin stand in his derangement of the body show he lacks and he thinking oh my god that It is what I challah I do not eat I do not eat in my brains Yes, our team is not we need to have all the
  • 09:00: We sit to put on a diet do not have to sit no diet no there are just so physiology as a ventricle sits here you ate there and 200g then then the stomach been there for three days yes then too heavy stomach gets used in Well, I sat there for two Apple's filed for what two apple nothing flat account zero-zero stomach full force there is some kind of porridge with cutlet even there 100 grams and 200 grams of porridge burgers can you 300 gram higher nothing wrong terrible is not let It is a pity of course if
  • 09:30: to you plus the more This will be less eat less bread less sweet course will be even I better just to see We should try to Generally well, I do not know no wanted me to someone well, I helped Varya is not ugly love love yourself it is not necessary not necessary say that ugly is not in circumstances have just by people like they feel themselves it is necessary to find harmony with my body something You see the show go
  • 10:00: if only the doctor nac polny Well in nature but he Large but necessary how to find way out of this should be found in the This beauty should be one must always love because if you do not You fall in love begin constantly these diets constantly stress you not constantly neurosis love of self is but it's all sores Well this is why it is necessary to already it is necessary to take themselves what there is initially there is already I need to decide so there is Ilya Well big club minutes dinner is certainly not necessary expand course 6 use is desirable not I want to eat there eat once again drink a glass of water better you still wound
  • 10:30: eat from there manes Root Apple too light Eat there and mandarin 34 things nothing die is what we are used to we give our brains this command I want eat oh come on let's tramp in I do not have the necessary resist and to resist love for his body and not some there is not a Gracie I have eaten there I fry that will then breathe on that here that she will live from fear and the water will Live apples there brains should be given
  • 11:00: command nothing It happens all the good simply writes your weight on the scales and there on the scales in the evening necessarily falls