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  • 00:09: dear friends all you greetings transfer pokashevarim today we are with you prepare chumachechy smile in ginger marinade and garnish we will do rice for cooking nickname and taste our fish required or any white fish something like cod or perch I have a court order, we fish necessarily
  • 00:30: zamarinuem and for we marinade we use rice vinegar and soy sauce east smells here's another well, so for we need a marinade Ginger will take more vegetable oil salt butter a little bit not a glass I mostly rice for I use rice garnish Basmati you can use the that you like
  • 01:01: rub ginger a fine grater and mix it with rice vinegar adding to a mixture of soy sauce and marinade ready fish fillets cut into small pour pieces marinade
  • 01:47: leaving in the marinade 10-15 minutes on this marinated fish we cook rice rice cook very simply for example if you you want to cook cup of rice that we need 2 cups of water in
  • 02:02: boiling and slightly salted water We fall asleep rice Cover the pan cover and cook 10 minutes on low fire enough rice Stir and once no need to constantly prevents the risk when you cover pan in an amicable
  • 02:31: rice should soak all the water should not be such that you You start something drained after How to cook rice in Basically within ten minutes rice absorbed all water and it's ready but I Chris will add more a little butter oils back to the fish we fish marinate It left her only fire spread fish on pan with
  • 03:00: warmed up vegetable oil fried fish to crusty Well, five minutes not More that's all friends dinner is ready Put the rice Put the top fish and all possible eat dear friends here so here we have Fish turned on my opinion is good try and I tell you this
  • 03:35: cool with you it was transfer pokashevarim all while before new meetings
  • 04:00: and