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  • 00:00: very important to Brushing in the riding handle mainly from the works behind but nothing It comes in addition importance that we some showed his client skeletal comb
  • 00:41: cause it loss victory scrape scales cut its kind it is necessary to engrave haircut but evidently it that carbon remains now I just I check on the line stitched same we see horizontal a little bit just a
  • 01:11: where here I have some browning tickets increased the density of some and Spreads just balance of large travel but at this moment Now I have nothing it is not necessary to correct sometimes if you Angle made too blunt and not very strong but not enough granulation ends These can then be translation of skin to finalize tapering straight scissors than Bottom from even modify it It has long master
  • 01:42: we will have you then in the end that is We modify already moving finally old light bangs before cool called find two differences Yes I'm talking about the previous It was similar in both Zab and have three hours well as the
  • 02:13: over a 3 to 1 so that they do not have the same that they are different children finally Almighty was such services as feedback to Julia rumors she Imagine now I are driving fun same citroen we give it with us for I will
  • 02:43: remember with identical slots lapka planning go is another 50 shorter Closet is longer and all bang goes wrong and there is also no heaven on the other and the other but we do not have such as a
  • 03:13: the beginnings of desire You feel assholes and you them boys playing all the girl and s girls boys and girls are my glasses Hair for real cool and leaves all then the number is something I think the other a little later here's another girl hence it is a pity as 2
  • 03:43: length very well short clips Jan's name now I I think on clay diskos cool yes no yes I they are still different well, of course as it is not much different I think for a person to go stage it is important to be individual can can enhance the difference be a little bit more than 1
  • 04:13: I am now old men will both be married the child is severely translation done here wakes cartoons personality all it's almost far you leave me like the ladies from network here until morning will be needed but actually
  • 04:45: lodge company to and to hang out or distribute not years find that I Last year was given someone working out that ever tried do who moonlights as you filmed on video years painted from memory Now a little one draws you draw
  • 05:15: Wang will start 7 I will pass all I remember you I assure that the child of debts not because of paragraph just remember that it is not somehow remember here cook in horizontal tight I once again I He is pulling all the face and that the horizontal Now just and pulls painted this is now weight clear yes and again Just see that the extra I immediately obvious that it is unnecessary to clean then the experience will come
  • 05:45: If someone can be but do not quite see that nothing superfluous fearfully I'm probably the last He was promised may be remember that this hairstyle she similar to spin on icon some flowers such know here imagine in He also has a bowl at tulip and Lipetsk bowls court that is bowl bowl base then such green
  • 06:15: kept free throw and she is such a haircut also seems imagine here this Foot bowl private should be on top not here I have an hour and that's petals and each petal was out how to say in itself Statement between the two other previous and a little higher than others previous clear if the flower flip'll have see were taught sands and how one thinned in its own way the layer sharpened but Overall, this beautiful
  • 06:46: composition how their is not connected but imagine it looks like continuous one amazing is It can cool Romashkina is this more here tripoltsev like me others may think Inspect these taxes here I am simply here a horizontal backstay is pulled You believe God for the length dry communication units and juicy another dry strand
  • 07:18: here I occipital block I just horizontal Now backstay I connect and freedoms But under such stand soars I can cut a length is what I this block of videoblog 10 meters I I can not centimeters backstay 180 and cuts of Clay does not change understandably so because that cherry. I had just reached
  • 07:49: to cut the line I read check has more horizontal hard because I connected net He praised all the time yet just about shooting mode occipital eye with block it safe I joined with temporal Now God again reinsured God put all in me I'm ready she is beautiful me already appreciated as a bridge went on to remember
  • 08:21: here so that I to do even capturing immediately source blocks and zatylochek and also connect I did, why this point above this is the point I below The simple view I clearly do not clean dry length and not I'm clean and
  • 08:51: I am not removed from the himself went straight to me in another part of the bale just infuriates shares are not I have somewhere to go have formed here the line like this It was connected but it is clear 3 today is when the amount of oil on the face of the emphasis on face never hook it Time and March 1 lift here even if I street cut short the in the profile of all profile anyway here is to
  • 09:21: be flat expected mass and deduce see here this mass there is flowing Now if the trend because we accustomed that itself We have fuel 3 day and there but the there is a focus on the face through a horizontal plane in the express through the extension of a maybe not focus across the length and by A discharge-to-face weight length can be shorter than them difficult to make imagine in you charge if doors and here before
  • 09:51: information here logical but you extension to a weight wonder how I need to do to connect Now here all I purely combined with sand block on stained we virgin field colorant This has become such a there are beautiful ready Lego colorant
  • 10:22: can now be I can even change Colors are remembered that we did main color I painted all at once exactly just here here are the selected block Here ends here below did the will colorant and here You see street freedom Here one can see street the other at the back of the head to Shots on grads It is painted Last year it was water could break the topic matter Belgrade Grand ie those schools
  • 10:52: Is it possible contrast to brighter Yes, I just showed technique and already some have contrast select your case may be white hair black 2 god problems can be up to e.g. red black but then what is clear seen for this poor
  • 11:32: and the play is always necessary in two colors always why even if you five can can 25 drive can not be happy in the mirror I looked have looked this class of wells for such a thoughtful people Now nobody likes Only the most attention those who can evaluate not all it is necessary for farmers
  • 12:02: elected to civilized people why this song and You have to understand that it pays and it is in First secondly there It should be to me again to come if one color is will store Charge buy olio colorante Mix and roll I have 20 that it is time to she did not think so could understandably a haircut salon
  • 12:38: of the year ben 40 do embarrassed that there is less talk ah yes we were taken I'm straight
  • 13:13: Martin played without fabric remain and there were already falling Just do not brush family exactly where I got there was introduced alive in Russia red like 87 ie the right of technology any miracles no of time spent plus 5 minutes for breeding additional dye and application for that hand gloves towel to wipe color that's just it time was spent well,
  • 13:45: little course increases have 15-20 percent consumption of material new have result output 2 and besides, I have a salon yellow Mike and I always than more material we spent for me I would finally like to let I tried to turn I increase spending
  • 14:15: clearly understood that high consumption of the more we you earn for I had a lot of important if you spend little dye I went once here not happy because as barber is when the owner of the salon business years when he did not knows what hairdressing art when he customers not gained a path from ordinary barber yes successful front master for a small
  • 14:45: experiencing will explain that the the more we spend the more interesting our work The more we love greetings and those no longer will come the more we earned it will be understood consider the current expenses requires that every gram thought We counted every there centimeters dye flogged three skin like this will will do demand to Yogi was forgotten separate price a separate price to his people for money before the haircut you like
  • 15:15: to this position a businessman who well what to do but if you themselves the way passed understanding of how legitimate customers work enough on what laws you You get the customer more and more of you will know why do not skimp on this sorry we do not image we clearly know at us, we can not comprehend Cochin if you cut in front these were not the hair and we want to wash them the customer is not so much we also know that if we
  • 15:46: interesting work two or three colors here It means we are irreplaceable and of others, such as against To this way themselves have passed and we know what is it This philosophy again work because she still not open to demand and I I preach philosophy ten years years ago still I remain at the peak because so greatly slowed development freeman's days in the year Now the country is in the well, regional computer
  • 16:17: braked values that is left techniques that changing values often remain so therefore the third block I have, I can finally reduce connect connected to the carriage I sling result Striga so in I'm here this length rest of it was enough until the end because it is clear why do I want this mass flows on falling behind on visa who spoke remember that the weight on the person's that is, I climb down
  • 16:49: only to and at an angle to I was left with the length advance here was shorter it was on the very own after you cut You see as already distributed volume on dry hard DC HIV we will break today themselves here I am now I work a little while Then take a break Well now the retina I look
  • 17:20: I am feeling about the person parting natural it desirable that and we see you at the as raw hair border goes here see but that's fragrance staccato and now even the 30 minute I observe once again on all stretch the parting and check the excess tidy so I cut I almost got almost immediately not
  • 17:50: Do you need more sometimes modifying sometimes earn all these stranger putting my next