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  • 00:00: consumers need a warning be in good health in order to apply the proposed facial improvement methodology If you as a consumer You suffer from any illness or disease weakens your contact to health doctor m and Hardy takes no complaints about the harm caused damage to health damage or any other consequences that emerged in the consumer by use requires most programs emma hard court the secrets of your favorite young person Jol 7 g designers are not using the technique
  • 00:31: It is two and a half years there were fantastic change your face I really like the fact that it does not aggressive they are natural and through the speeches of the healer prevent financial escalator Consultant where I have been exercises on hard for two years is they charged Fiction bioenergy crime simply rest their faces life Castro who you these exercises It causes positive changes of the skin
  • 01:00: This technique has great the results I had never noticed that my skin became a blooming after applying any cosmetic and coaching techniques and methods I have committed It changed the face and the condition of my skin and those few do the exercises every morning, it takes a couple of minutes after I am beginning of the movement Khaled did not feel well it seems to me that I just It happened my life has changed strikingly way since I began to use this equipment
  • 01:31: works when playing on hard, I'll show you how learn to look at years younger applied technique person cells and those who the initiation of exercise we want Jones used technique to pull and fill right half of the face just look how smooth skin and become Albanians indicators wrinkles
  • 02:00: look so soft and It became smooth skin wrinkles around the eyes smoothed missing look at the box so they climbed acronis light heating from us and very hard rock Stepan Khmara went wrong here's a look look at it is, its jaw it rose strongly tonic become b He became the carrier looks more slowly and She is an actress of soft gray board schiki better color and she is smoother
  • 02:31: Her skin looks fresh and cover it has become under the rules of at least what who said that the movie is nothing more than the facial skin as a gray touch For many centuries humanity It used this power for healing different parts of the body of children, I will show you how use this energy that you have a own esthetic way to Tales of the skin and because of the chaos and concentration increased a little you can not convert Only your skin but its essence I have been
  • 03:02: Ambassador before you start it is important to know the the main structure of the face and then the deepest layer of this year will be determining the shape of the face One guest located 57 muscles but the next layer faces the skin which itself consists of two layers I just vascular skin farming supporting just need Russia and Firming halogen coalition followed by a protective layer of epidermis who every day see costs scientific studies have shown that it is possible
  • 03:30: used to touch mental vision and the path to healing rejuvenate all body parts highest yield coffee on the Master of Arts biologist Our research laboratory scientists around the world reveals the secret of handling body parts at the same time noted the very young the science she discovered that our body as well as the whole of nature very clever body having its energy system that communicates all the cells of the body and mass brawl This science has a relationship with a technology m m
  • 04:00: It stands on the edge of our understanding of the first we can use it knowledge to improve your body and as long as we are alive, all cells work our body they divide and grow oz Alkhanay they contribute and most perfect completion of all the processes in our the body of the cookware of equipment m reinforced already existing brain signals coming cells
  • 04:30: sachs their help, they are better than they hear and year therefore work more effectively There are two stages on the way to the imposition of skin it is necessary to finance sprinkle muscles used facial exercise then with the help of nothing design and rarely observe and form a skin I came back and the same conflict I do technique is about two years and found the big difference their
  • 05:01: well-being defended many physical and other advantages that need to be make over time you will begin to see results Seledtsova see what happens and why did you start to do the exercises It holds your second nature fixing aid for a couple of minutes You see what some of their Witchcraft is iv cool morning, we look at the reflection his face in the mirror if I do not exercise I see a huge difference when I do I feel and I look rhetoric
  • 05:32: Exercises for the face t This section is devoted to exercises aviation First you need a core group Moscow there are two big we Peter's muscles creating a lock lift up those values slowly raise the eyebrows Again the ground show the image of the eye of the rivers It consists of a large round news
  • 06:00: use these muscles to strong compression Kay Baton bear they drawn to part consists of three bands of muscles attached to the lips helmet and motivation Emelina lift the coal miners or Czech lower On the other but the house of the country Croat created from a large circle with this
  • 06:31: of which also formed and lips Se come and join these muscles infection chin consists of a small bunch muscles straining muscles Isa marry small ball Yaroslavl in the area of ​​the jaw consists of Dubai Sheikh powerful muscles attached to the jawbone and classic, these muscles are used
  • 07:01: for a series of tense and a desire to connect these muscles and create tension in the jaw Yaroslavl increase consists of a large muscle membrane severely straining muscles and all promotions market forward jaw GDP and relax your muscles We summarize our activities grew as much as
  • 07:31: Klitschko main make two deep breath and feel relaxed try as a possible liberated slow controlled try to stretch the movement of all main groups of facial muscles facial mobilization can also lose face the whole body in the morning do not forget to use in Moscow in order to fully focus and different strain muscle groups to protect both visited filled with energy tone focus on the results of which
  • 08:01: you want to achieve this goal will spend on it is ten to thirty seconds personal training and in this part, you will begin to deal with Make sure that at the beginning we have fulfilled exercises to warm up These exercises will strengthen it's not
  • 08:30: make the muscles of your face be careful and good luck due to a leak on Thursday first exercise is also distinguished now she will imitate to strengthen field and not taught poetry put his hand on her collarbone m lift the chin up and feel achievements singer but when he left the heat of slightly parted slowly lowered and raised the question jaw and up
  • 09:00: Repeat this movement 12 times pause and then repeat it even 12 times Use the Heritage Village to men such children to focus on various exhibitions which you work and because it gives strength to muscles and It will bring much faster results you make sure that you feel short life this means that we are with you
  • 09:32: many more are not lips in exercise shuttles lips It will help you to tone and strengthen the agreement and patience jaw losses account put your hand on his collar bone lift your head up Squeeze the furnace could be the thread the louder the sound will be better working muscles use brain power to to focus the direction of Mergen
  • 10:00: different muscle groups that will help create and strengthen those muscles Repeat this movement 12 times pause and then try again USD Eye on exercises for eyes help gush and smooth the top forever and the surrounding area positive index fingers more Give the top and press firmly bones
  • 10:30: change squeeze century count of five and then sharply tighten and relax the century 12 times faithful pulse movements but no one cube pause and then repeat movement again Do not use the brain power to fully focus on muscle group you are working with remember it will help you quickly reach results try engage in every day and do not forget
  • 11:00: expectations smoothing dies to crush the street should be work on two flat muscles responsible for the horizontal lines on the side put your index fingers above the eyebrows evaluate their emission tightly It keeps the film immediately and overcomes the pressure rises muscle up for thirty seconds
  • 11:31: feel how the muscles work against Pressure forefingers later pause and then repeat the movement again watch his wife's Occupation daily
  • 12:01: I have a feeling that it has presented my real gift is something holy amazing stay with me on all my life I will try to tell others about it I saw Many do it because the results stunning lucky I am that I am familiar with this method