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  • 00:00: Welcome to 24 you tied facial loops they have We knit on the front side and style petelechki and looked down like this today we are with you we will knit elongated loop
  • 00:31: purl that tally on the suit the night side and Five looks here therefore start up to start typing chain of the air loops and provyazyvaem several rows columns, without sc continue to do air loop lifting and start knit our extended
  • 01:02: introduce loops loop hook basis previous row with Right hand top hooks picks working the thread index finger pull thread picks it's just such a manner
  • 01:32: It happened here petelechka crit this third, we petelichku provyazyvaem through a second loop once again picks up working thread and We stretch it by 2 loops off the hook Now Thumb I take out again
  • 02:02: introducing a hook under the loop base on the right side picks up the thread with index finger forefinger pull string I grab like this manner provyazyvaem through
  • 02:33: extreme loop yet just do sc and provyazyvaem 2 loops off the hook Anchikov on it repetitive typing hook
  • 03:05: base loop previous row with right hand strings that is located forefinger plant near her pull hook thread like this way grab carry through the eyelet
  • 03:35: extreme again picks working thread and its provyazyvaem 2 loops that we remained on hooks take out the finger repetitive typing the hook on the right hand picks working thread thread pull and it picks up
  • 04:05: crochet in this way petelechku We pulled through extreme loop with hook on the hook 2 loops remain still just picks up working thread and stretch it through two loops remaining on the hook we introduce the hook picks working
  • 04:37: thread with the right the index finger pulling thread grab like this way stretch through the outermost loop on the hook on hook has two loops just grab working thread and stretches across two remaining petelechki so we were binding until the end
  • 05:07: a number car and enter the hook
  • 05:52: under the base loop previous row does not. which is on forefinger left hand on the right sides assembly plant hook little thread We pull summing hook into this thread
  • 06:23: it turns petelechka to the point we and We pulled through extreme loop the loop on the hook again grab working thread and stretch through the remaining two loops are were we to the hook Well, we knit
  • 07:34: a series of elongated loops which are called seamy because they go to the wrong our side paintings the next row we knit with you column, without sc if someone wants to
  • 08:13: knitting was can be two-way to knit alternating loops facial elongated loop Wrong we succeed 1-sided this is the first way to
  • 08:44: linking it turns loops here looking up so here it goes difference here are 5 going down look and here we petelechki looks up the next lesson I I tell you how to fit
  • 09:14: elongated loop purl second method of knitting out there our drove 2 loops will look down bye beautiful long and smooth Derek