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  • 00:00: Hello dear my you have to go today I would like to you talk to a very important topic vitamins theme is that and I know that you on the shelf together cosmetics worth vitamins jar which takes some specific vitamins that Doctor advised and you went to the pharmacy We bought some It takes some Complex for Hair and
  • 00:30: nail someone bought that's what this disgusting world multivitamin advise some beauty bloggers but Vitamin A Vitamin A apart there is a very big difference between them and if you do this You do not know what the difference places to taking vitamins for your health they are your Harmful the difference is very important and is exactly the same the difference between the living and among the dead toxins and helpful so now you I will explain the meaning in is that vitamins first of all it
  • 01:00: groups chemically bonded relating to each Another substance that is means that there Vitamin c is not just ascorbic acid there is a complex some substances and enzymes from it is a coenzyme and some activators these are different substance that science is not particularly investigated Oh why did I explore it all buy vitamins like hot cakes that is, all of these little substance under the matter and together ascorbic
  • 01:31: acid allow to run Now this biochemical the reaction of your body to your body learned that vitamin But suppose you You go to the pharmacy buy vitamin c that you find very caps ascorbic acid there are references enzyme to enzyme activators of some Synergy has become no why because this fragmented askorbinki but I still I understand what is now very difficult for us rebuild its
  • 02:02: mind because USSR from kindergarten in our blood feeds on something that ascorbic Acid is that Vitamin c once for all askorbinki garden clean and now I will explain and so vitamins case the first synthetic this is the most unprofitable and what is more harmful vitamins for your why the body because in the first and they get nothing you live and from ie chemicals one chemically and reconstructs the
  • 02:32: molecule by adding it some other chemical substances to receive vitamin b1 from coal resin Again, yes vitamin c not compute this affliction new acid where there do not understand, and packed cans where these seven worms where all enzymes Kanzi we substances that we they do not need it It happens at home use these vitamins your body learn to use this vitamin should from its reserves
  • 03:04: take these small synergistic substance to Your grasp this one ascorbic acid vitamin should be piece not crushed when you eat only a portion your body needs to use those reserve stocks of these Dimov of a coenzyme from the inside that you learn at 2 to 8 vitamin A. Vitamin A buy it written, beta-carotene well and we do not not cause any
  • 03:36: protest but you know what Beta-carotene is the only carotene these carotene There are more than 600 understand that and you take you just One carotene nature and that's if you You will eat vegetables fruit during the day you'll use 50 60 different types of carotenoids represent only be one of beta-carotene it is very cheap He continues to do and because so all vitamins like hot cakes
  • 04:06: that is, who you selling only shell and all utility inside yes you do not get vitamin E on a jar and it is written in the tocopherol afi tocopherol and where the bet act gamma and where delta tocopherol and where Celine and you know that no We sat down on the 99 percent force tocopherol disappears powerless and vitamin E. it is not absorbed Liver is necessary to learn all components of vitamin E if it is not the zeal
  • 04:36: thyroid problem conducted experiments rats whose text fed alpha tocopherols died faster than those rats which did not give in vitamins in general and retinol palmitate Acetate all synthetic forms this vitamin was before vitamin leave 2 doll real deal when you see these letter b try not to buy these ice vitamin b vitamins b We need to take Only in the complex
  • 05:06: even have a vitamins to the complex up complex of vitamins b but there they do not They include beach 4 b4 are both 4 more doctors declares no exist let alone their there is no point in you get you crushed some partial vitamins and devils He knows that from this scheme, and the resulting vitamin c ascorbic acid also conducted experiments for suffering from scurvy them We give you vitamin c think that he It helps that is absolutely no started
  • 05:36: farm potatoes and onions citrus all All collet recovered and tackle synthetic vitamins is that They have side effects well, that your the body does not receive them available in a Judicial form of Pieta Form and destroyed, and No, and that's all that you eat and gray with vitamins that organism does not recognize this is all the toxins all toxins all deposited in the fat Sheep people are going if body can not
  • 06:07: digest it learn it perceived body as a toxin and you think that you help your another body very important dangerous synthetic vitamins it a phenomenon all it how to choose ie absorption say if you eat a lot oranges principle overdose have not is because body which vitamin c which You get it with full form if you to stuff your body only grief to the acid
  • 06:37: Again, your body needs involve all reserves here to learn this here ascorbic acid and then the excess first get rid yes All vitamins are they give take good effect but over time you again is the depletion of the body most older vitamins that this time there toric crystal is vitamins that take not from chemicals and take out food but do not link
  • 07:07: has been very greater processing treated some chemicals handle these temperature that is the point is that again I grew up at the end of a particularly nothing useful remains and a third option vitamins it genuine Cowhide vitamins these vitamins which are taken from Food and remain in their full form in English it all It called Hall pound I have here is Half the cops but this brand standard process process markets have not taught
  • 07:38: Kira sells Harry v live here and standards Well, such a process does not the most famous on the tool body but then again they we we do not sit down their take to fill and reserves what is our body then our body we are on the machine Further is renewable for all losses eating quality food as to distinguish that are useful and which are not helpful and above just read Read the label if
  • 08:08: you want a vitamin that discard trash all their quotes no you lats there should not be watch any fish oils for vitamin A and vitamin b is yeast nutritional yeast any terms no chlorides no riboflavin Kolobanov gonna call abomin it's all the same Synthetics very common on market now vitamin d
  • 08:38: put ergosterol unnecessary it all Synthetic vitamin d and have in any fat Vitamin E has He said there have starting with a d a y tocopherol over bitches I think there is some still have vitamin E. Take in the green vegetables and good quality oils vitamin c apple Vinegar such unpasteurized good to him a complete vitamin tion
  • 09:08: or germinated wheat germ all chill you so personally and avoid all any such ADDED dyes and additives some sort of colors The country is changing all I hope you this video It was useful but subscribe to my channel on the health and beauty America and fingers up comments questions will be glad you to help you answer was put on and to meet the following video