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V_yna in Ki¾v_. Reakts_ya to a sv_t \/ #ªвромайдан - YouTube

V_yna in Ki¾v_. Reakts_ya to a sv_t \/ #ªвромайдан - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
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  • 01:31: coffee Pentagon tell another Ukrainian Ministry of Defence are you not raising rumors and ki general NATO Secretary wilderness even zastosuvannya harness against gromadyan and we can by burdensome tips for hogged Ukraine's murder Europe at the temples and I do not kings of the deep shock dampened best in the realm of Ukraine then close them persons in dispute it is impregnated on seb ARISING ending but Uri Take as a blow it on edalni for something that is not poking over the world well, strength in the morning and from
  • 02:00: neutrality other bro forces that yak Ukrainian troops are about you people with mats serious adverse Flower us for our seen the son of Ukrainian fret One of his hits and peaceful Conversation then sputum J does not solve sweater Leaders do not apply consultation with Ukrainian power Prime search Donald Tusk phone and the US Vice President Joe Biden at the President Barack Obama Chancellor and their ranks Angela Merkel then his Cherga Russian President Vladimir Putin Putin cancel Dumka
  • 02:31: We British Prime Minister David Cameron and heart ponds stud Vladin TPD cup of Victor Yanukovych itself urishin saw something away rk rokiv yak lay develop these shares ways and marina Kovtun Channel 5