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  • 00:00: today our kitchen we will do the best and most tasty cookies potatoes, you do not even the fire should be no need to go to the country we all I do at home microwaves baked every potatoes or four five minutes to make it It was already soft and pierced proteins if you are afraid microwave ovens you may well it simply cook and Now I pierce it Marinate what Olive oil is not spare olive
  • 00:30: oils because potatoes He loves olive oil girls on a diet I go from Monday I think everyone knows this great ice it has become international since Monday go on a diet salt also do not regret because it actually marinade Pepper's smell tasty know yet I think nothing
  • 01:02: They have been invented than ingenious potatoes so we We continue to do it and paprika as I said, if you You do not want to go to giving the Kindle Fire you may well do it on their kitchen look like I do it You can of course interfere with it all with a spoon but as I can to do just hands and inside me been here all this
  • 01:33: great Mix and butter and salt as I said, some some food good massage hands then it there will be more tasty people who dig in the earth there are people who love cook hands, all I marinate our potatoes, I'll leave it for half an hour and every 10 minutes, I'll be her turn and
  • 02:03: massage to she should oiled I'll leave half an hour is now after it passed half an hour I spread it on a baking sheet and a hot oven for 20 Two hundred minutes I was fifteen degrees potatoes finished on
  • 02:36: stronger temperature so that it covered with crispy let's crust ka see what we Now I got I take one will cut Of course the classic version with potatoes oil or potatoes with sour cream Look, I even I hear how it crunches but inside it is absolutely soft like I said classic version with sour cream and oil can
  • 03:07: try something I have a new example Mexican salsa Italian version will he parmesan and French with goat cheese from small onion look like beautiful in you do this and you just You see tears in the eyes of your happiness family now try very carefully
  • 03:40: hot our pay itself I'm just fine I wish you all very good and up next meeting