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  • 00:07: 95 percent of all chronic diseases associated with disruption of intestines and is not surprising because our the body is constantly suffers from overeating and junk food before proceeding to describe the recovery colon briefly summarize for clarity that we need to restore
  • 00:30: and what is happening first discord restore the purity colon and normalizing furnace slightly acidic environment colon it will allow eliminate the main focus pollution the body unload system purification for of such discharge does not We need special conditions and exotic products but the result is obvious use my
  • 01:00: tips and admire themselves in mirror it is this technique allow equivalent to wash completely all colon Follow these nuances adi verified practice for normal any organism surplus products They are harmful and
  • 01:31: acts as toxins excess salt starch and balanced kick in the end eighties American press was reported is that almost everyone It is a carrier parasites weight germs and viruses helminths pestles living off If the host organism is intoxicated with toxins it is difficult to expect healthy color and
  • 02:00: good condition skin and effective actions of even the most good beauty means very sensitive to toxins hair slags the body makes them thin faded and sharp the scientific world there is a theory claiming that the aging due primarily queue accumulation of so the body of the Sith