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  • 00:00: hola amigas again Neli soliz the club Denevi to teach how they are corrupt lately it There is a wooden board that brings claritos back and with that that five prisoners Therefore we intend to club him as director and rainbow He is teach them to work their looms that we have at home to teach in Rectangles not only serve to knit scarves
  • 00:32: uu Few small can give variety what we already have and it is a form of 'and' to harness all resources available to us this time we will work with this round fabric but we will work conversely that is to say place of work it originally and we know we will work this way our peeling has 36 posts
  • 01:00: he cites in this moss is key and we have half to the need the following material our hotel arredondo we do want to do this link a coil to a hat We work with stellar guy I'll quickly show loom large This is the major defense and two posts efe got it on the agenda of the case if they believe
  • 01:30: s 32 wells as I said here works the same way right now I'm going to show this we will need a steel hook in this case you are working with the hook number 5 one needle Estambrera scissors our ball san ber actually occupy around them 50 or 60 grams the base that I'm going to teach It is for a coil these fabrics show a second video
  • 02:00: this is going to be ASCER serves both cattle to make hats and I'll show the base and in a third tutorial I'll show exterminated Hat the beginning is thus We make a house you know anything any comments you can leave me in this channel it therefore in my work in magazines
  • 02:32: we leave this vital link wonders in tissues or creating loom Vitoria is the care in which they go on sale the first day and the 15th day of each month we will in spite Armando the pose that you have We will assemble appointments and we turned but before we this would be to have not lost de Swaan dinner one way to not be counting
  • 03:01: Roman with semicolons east forefinger of each hand and grab a pole they are covering They are not walking evenly While evenly until we get to where nothing more than a post then this would be our sign We turn and where nothing is a pole We roll up will work
  • 03:31: according to clockwise it already has home then we continue with this we will entangle it to our left and this to our right taking care of no post It runs out without their respective him welcome the end let's keep doing this and you go in the world as an 8
  • 04:00: a fan that we are doing we will not remember the crossing of that below You will do to our left side and wrapping up vance to our right side and then we have options looking filled with angels but let Compostela their respective without their respective
  • 04:32: sometimes We can open this tricked by land but we make here do not have Martin all studs in the works they are Here nothing we lacked a pole by rust and here we lack other
  • 05:00: by winding this this would finally i including we incorporate a strand strand which mainly large know 2 to 4 3 meters if we will work our sheet will be our kind of Iran knows our escape is so good at the cause
  • 05:34: we go to the bars We will not tie thus we're going to help doing this tail leaf we are going places At first we were going to be a bit complicated to have as much but such it was as this will help us back to get below and draw from this side
  • 06:04: and we do so that envelop t What we're doing It is to make a world Even though this this well We turn and do Unlike If you look like they are entering this
  • 06:40: no no no and a third world city secure it well because it was close raptors our eye in our goodness I could our hat I remind you that began when as here you can perceive if this is all piled up sa do not know really which is which
  • 07:01: so We are going to work up here where they are separated i work tape way one up about going to juno the lowest rate one up one down We speak the pound to the center for this allow us The working our our hat our our will
  • 07:31: i gum we hit a career where you want and stay up The following below I above bottom up the variety you celada can work 12 after the top two down Perez iu one It is as you well here he I would recommend Who is make the yarn slogan consist of nuanced in that the yarn nuanced
  • 08:03: and gives them variety that is l as it gives them more colorful your to work his work was more colorful yarn nuanced and can employ leftovers remember that I repeat a lot to work with surplus why is a way of asking to take advantage had another good resource we have what we is the few who know not how to use them or what we do with
  • 08:33: they and say This is wrong is nuanced green blue and white water I do not know if the shore You can make green white Water anything contrast to these colors we have We continue with our these laps what we do is that going turning here solita solita the heras even if they are piled up
  • 09:01: there are serious for the top this basis which they are odd They will be always alternated which is down will go up and up to where going to do down until we have left a base I like the show and in the second video already finished our base it is becoming a mesh here is not reached to perceive
  • 09:30: but as I say in the video below and they will see as determined this is repeat them for a corner for a hat but it is the same basis we use to beret If this makes all around the theater alternating where did it arrived to 0 below where it was uphill to get here
  • 10:00: as I said before you can East do it to your liking if you want the passage UJA two females who landed down whatever you want you can do it for say I here I'm working one strand riva one down one strand up one down and let alternating These are the first few laps
  • 10:31: let's go to yesterday the top end here they are not so close together that we with a low stand rinconada so we left it down not so UCAM push down our rights our area If you this realize here and the tissue is in this case it is called that castle while they huddled down and we will work above
  • 11:08: and down the needle to go pushing the strand i and that even because otherwise probably if they do not like was when they are completed here here come the better half then we need to lower our zebra so that in this way they go accommodating we make
  • 11:31: alternating If you want to make two up two down three upstairs an ST work criteria of you I repeat that with tinted yarn looks much better why looks the puntana They are alternated colors and cp more more colorful and are looking the push down go here marble forming what is
  • 12:01: Yes our tip I repeat and all our friends who joined us to this in the last expo Thank you all for your for their show of affection I remind you that we will be at Expo not qualify in publishing rainbow we'll be there
  • 12:32: he personally attending them and giving phillips and stitches and and Mr. lohan news Has face to develop the wonderful art of weaving here we have what it is
  • 13:01: the mayor mosaic base so let's do it until we finish all loom as showed in the second in the second video and one more time with affection for you Club Tenerife