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  • 00:00: and a barrel today I bring to present a bracelet takes away the old lara frame with a new technique that hopefully be encouraged and practiced as you can last is performed nothing a way moritz in Switzerland which you will have to lie not so perfect square perales part girardi the fall really expected the tax to be a bit difficult to
  • 00:30: nothing because they dare to allowances that are so good and power make a cute scarves yes so good we will work scores a new technique but it is today very simple so I hope to put it into practice we will go to the molds as we can give you no 50 centimeters square centimeters has finally we are concerned is very Simple Tiger 1
  • 01:00: meter long dv 40 so good patent hacienda works First I want to introduce you imf this time frame rack peel as you can simply give up today which actually works with planes i these are placed one centimeter lion 1 0 hopefully have another option other hand carpenter seesaw that her husband or why not also in the market they can
  • 01:33: get are adjustable and we can have a size 1 percent five centimeters by five centimeters up to knit a square of a for Metro City Metro Tempest plate iguazú my right leg but the important thing is that we was in fact our frame and Philip who predicted today is because I will weave itself diagonally I'll just start with a world and people Tiger
  • 02:01: I always want to clarify ap qatar doha our right hand just what we will do we will accommodate yarn and carousing will not make the official side so we want the knot of amnesty for right well and I peeled back the Abás I want to throw the spot immediately free that struck down and I go Christian it is said that just settled down and just weaving
  • 02:31: coco loom weft of the loom trafficking is very always we will start going age the low fad Talk one year ago in the next nail itself we will go to the other end little will to engage as I said accommodates and I go to the left and this is important because santiago now more aware they start from below as I said
  • 03:00: I have a taxi also could always finish my turn below millán buoy we would go down performed by top and bottom in the process that has everything all accounts and my right side accommodated the nails that are free meo today He left again and now if you feel the tissue patrizi let's go down up below above and below telling them
  • 03:32: brennan that will have to be always down and ended gineceo You see below if you ever have to end up above this task and start good this show will go making all accounts and this is important you is not much the bird that you do not conform to remove the pillar etc size decreases slightly then try not just in the last lap Rundschau below
  • 04:00: from above below above below above below started ended below is perfect mind made the turn the procedure will have to always do I have to show them a step ahead that we will see tip wherever I list the return Argentina then it was proposed since Haiti all ready
  • 04:30: and as I said bogota measure supports long you export and then comes stop then what we will do the last stage as well all under by and going to the procedure below is always a bottom one above one below and above this way you will complete The last turn While we will now see if I want them to get weapons we will remove from
  • 05:00: frame itself is very simple d bid him but cher then picket needle cancer will start Quito king will realize it once you have a failure side perfect mind are as follows as I said just try always decrease its size not to adjust a lot the victim is just like
  • 05:30: p massa bra Ferrari percent decrease in size yes Now let's see what they will do two square operations and which and I want them will be they will get more notice this 2 square itself here we have to do what I did I met them just for this day 2 of a myth Quito efe the paddler tissue at the foot estimates a drop
  • 06:01: very good that this is very important for the adaptation of garments and finally what I did Today seven made up a wand set the bowl itself a cookie a chain a wand a string that was to my waist if later let's make a chain to miss to be able to pass around a waist that is what we will adjust let's go to the finished garment
  • 06:32: for pp can appreciate as yes no 17 finally they can actually adapt perfectly the shape of the tissue is Aldridge also very nice sent me to ee the more nuanced area allow us p these drawings appear alone piece itself nonsense percent to make an end to bond very reason cute as I said here we p waist reelecto make this point and realize this chain
  • 07:04: for in passing it through the waist and able to adjust itself efe well to the fitting it is very easy that we can take the fandi high straight or santa clara I made a detail of pompoms percent bad overran me a little bit of nose encouraged within city He explained that good because I dare tell them that Tupper but fuster Ratinho
  • 07:32: then we will go together to the BOM To realize this may be someone It is used 400 grams of yarn fantasy tinged in pink tone 20 grams of fiber angelica raptada and the party of 53 square centimeters 53 centimeters for painter ap needle grow numbers 6