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  • 00:00: why do you throw away coolpad oranges He asked me Alia Kovalchuk after all of them can be cook tasty jam and I quickly invited her to his to visit you and I learned to cook it amazing delicacy yes. you are wonderful the hostess of what Only you do not varish jam pickles well as the various have you lived up to jam orange peel you sunk to a life that nothing at all throwing away alla farrier but honestly
  • 00:30: saying that's it when you take an orange and when he was circumcised oh well, as it can be throw and sushish and marmalade and already do, and jam do summoned him and fish jam in Lidka threats I dip fruit because today us to change from the same your tired and full of new finger ulcers horn their takozh possible squander their hiring bring back even manhole loops skill growth and fingers Bishkek Cosmetology and washed its
  • 01:00: jam and in fact in cooking and all through you sho your fingers here comes Pumpkin lap in sprat range of new fatal the essential Olya century ulcers China selfish for our body so zavdyaki orange Skira points you can reduce the level blood cholesterol clear your body of toxins as well as the language is not locked and in no hvorob the heart of the same and you you can ask them to tea primates for arable land two baths just for and once again the banner prokatova you hiring true jam and a goat
  • 01:30: Artoo and have all winter want to take our oranges and now we separate the zest we we do it lots and lots of toys again cut off and turns tail 1 and 2 and the tail Now we remove our peel Allochka well clear that the one who is now It looks like we do is set question and if in his own brush orange here know so here in any case rind approach if we
  • 02:00: very thick peel White will need at possible to remove because of it this is now giving white us so bad bitterness bitterness yes you just a little bit Then here and so cut and Separate here this and the white shkurochku there really We need to achieve a position to and virtually peel yes yes, we take three and orange peel We clear the way for that Story after which in your family
  • 02:30: there was a jam orange peel My grandmother taught do conservation and I was able to do it all and that's how the whole basement This usually wilt Canned basement It has been input and when It was still 1 time husband We had to Russian basement input sunset the window did everything there sauerkraut and pickled and jam and pear Vova and if and thing Bob was our daughters there near the house night work it is necessary to come to an aria go to the basement the end of the take Conservation listen to Duchamp went in for my Conservatives and there
  • 03:00: nothing just on money they both tap robbed a driving up and robbed lock hang like if the guys were well Well, of course I am very upset I felt sorry for her honest work because that will not Alla worked as it's simple simply ask I will come to nothing 3 continue the story up to 5 numbers and before I tell you I wanted to show here I came in because of situation just 2 orange peeling In the way that originally peel got you leaving a thinner we say and all
  • 03:30: left on our transfer all about on death watch intended to engage with you creativity here at I have this needle see find I insert yes thread and sew dumpling wise demolish free someone had called why not to our forget we take our Now the vodka and cancer so plump Now we turn this roll on why it We strung it on her thread knives jam It will not be easy here so here we will outline these cover the noise we in should not be nice find
  • 04:00: I knew that not all It is so easy it reminds me mushrooms when the process dries yes yes yes really well frankly because it is not for you new because you all there any time podelochki couple of barrels It does mean take roll our and We prick on a thread and and how many rolls here we We make such Boucicaut fasten a thread to To our roll not turned well, naturally do how can creations wants
  • 04:30: do two banks of three Banks should be there string that is how many oranges I demand but if it is I'll show you how I did for a long time and now but Now you can simply moth zubochistochkoy break into pieces seal creaks then fasten it will carry off easier well that we We are doing so tell the story This was not the end no sushi well cut short Come on then stole the next day We come home from work anywhere note thank you was all
  • 05:01: really, what to do honestly sweets love my family and they liked Now what to do there's nothing but just excuse me new year orange cars Mandarin glasses that you said bananas height cold zhezh she peels I just try to do is jam some have already cook and now I have it happened jam that's it Then I started cook this jam
  • 05:31: I started you are ready by despair or they say no it would be so happy disguise here we do not call on such beautiful beads cook jam like this of oranges if suddenly does not jam then simply want I put on you to see as it is all about himself but the process more reliable Naturally I did advance because we need to pour cold water or put our beads in the water and the way it
  • 06:02: must constantly hour of course I have it I did it in advance it turns out here such we have a little bit yellowish liquid hen the tan INDICATES ie have it We will not be soft and we get when cooking the following effect on the cold water we continue to do that take the container that is We begin to boil jam we Now we boil thoroughly fill pot here water measurement water it does not matter in the water We will cook our orange beads We put our water for only the burner
  • 06:33: clean water to boil water without nothing there is no sugar no aromatic nitro in it nothing but juice clean water is cold we now have water boils and we send to our Beads with our thread orange peel will be on thread to the last minutes and this in Basically it's not so, and difficult time it very simple such Beads can do children the truth so they do not it may need to bleed husband do well for him to him more as he
  • 07:03: do nothing and who It will be on the couch lie and because in the winter a lot of work on holidays the sofa is an instant hands up those beads year, and while there boil beads call now Creations tell you What other ingredients we will use to this jam was delicious and fragrant then that you have there seasoning Points are fragrant everything is allowed use no please sugar and lemon juice but I I use as usual cloves, vanilla sugar cardamom
  • 07:34: if no cinnamon little stick cinnamon but it's desire to avoid overdo it most the main thing is we ginger root, he gives so fresh and sugar and water and why lemon juice they juice orange orange as usual from this time when we cook jam it very weak to from combine sugar, he It does not give us that's it Now it's glasses keys so sour best lemon juice then we have here Now here boil tell
  • 08:04: boiled water We cooked on our busy 15 minutes we take this water and merge and we pour again cold water and again set for 15 minutes cook for 15 minutes cook properly again merged procedure Cold water and again water that is we We will all be done in a total of forty Five minutes 3 times 15 minutes the water was boiling and Within 45 minutes, we will be 3 x 15 minutes cook the rind on
  • 08:34: simmer and you have to have time we fly by now we prepare jam orange peel peel a Boucicaut It is in hot water and 15 minutes later, cooked wherein the third time Alia three times me in the water and that's geese result we are we are going to cook our syrup because jam without this syrup unreal so we put the saucepan take 300 grams of water
  • 09:05: and 400 grams of sugar does not afraid it will not so sweet that cloying It can not be varrot take it jam it we shall be sweet the way it turns out that that's jam orange peel which is jam you can cook just today in the evening for dinner and please their unusual family treat before all the spices we will go we ship to Our beads again with rope yet
  • 09:35: Well that is a thread reliable then you just please brush your Ginger me boil our beads and for you and me time will fly by insensibly 20 minutes cooked our orange peel and we are ready continue to cook jam we add to all our spices ginger root ginger that you well cleaned correctly so we cut into such slices syrup but already slightly thickened yes
  • 10:06: yes yes yes he has It begins like many caramelized too, but we It must be so We add our cinnamon add cardamom just two things If you do not have not I feel bad I think each family Cloves have so Now we will send there are three flower Carnations Carnations not I was very fond because it is very the same can rise vanilla sugar teaspoon but too, so someone vanilla sugar someone cinnamon More
  • 10:36: Artist and the most the main thing is we should send juice of one lemon now we have we twist spices are all 20 minutes, and we can say that our Jam is ready I feel my heart that our already jam ready not even know Why am I so you probably think I feel very well hence we expect jam quietly will add 20 minutes, but natural
  • 11:06: alla has brought ready to jam with we'll still be work see you blow smooth the question here at We have both said beginning and end yes we have here is the as if the knot just leave the string and all we see our hope, I'll show you how it will have to fall beauty edge you worried that we wanted to have
  • 11:38: We have been here such They have rolls preserved in theory all of this should filming here in this syrup Naturally I did not will allow you to them we here you shot make a copy small syurprizik yet that is ready jam on my dear and I look out there in my jar 100 it costs This jam is easily can I send in the cellar now open a little bit amazing beauty creation and flavorful
  • 12:08: that felt uncommonly I simply beautiful We made to here It was more fluid but who would have thought we cook with the jam winter because usually jam cook in the summer and so here I am I will write in January 2014 I had to write first half January that exactly ten days you will again do this jam will eat because you
  • 12:38: it is very pleasant Of course yes, and we there is still one Th pleasure soon we will try to jam of orange peel while I recall how we We prepared for cooking jam orange peel you will need oranges sugar water lemon juice of ginger cinnamon carnation vanilla cardamom oranges pour boiling water and clear and cut orange peel into strips we turn off into the dense rolls strung on a thread as the larvae and fill them with cold
  • 13:08: water an hour later boil cover 15 minutes three times each time changing the water cook the syrup from the water and put sugar in it prepared beads from orange peels bring to a boil and cook 20 minutes after then cool give repeat the procedure again adding This after boiling lemon juice ginger cardamom, vanilla cloves and cinnamon When the jam has cooled remove the string of beads pour into a jar You need to store the jam
  • 13:38: refrigerated Ainu for me as for you maybe it's just Nothing today adventure in the first place jam orange peel tasty and healthy and secondly it uncommonly nice but honestly saying what As for the orange is always like a fairy tale about over mandarins there is a store tangerines all new and this year and the new year this is a fairytale checkmark do not know what
  • 14:08: it remotely It reminds me favorite marmalade lemon slices and he still happens orange slices Only here is the saturated the flavor can be here this here are our rolls just a little sugar and duhovochku she and and caramelized just get here like a bitch like you very is delicious You know when that's so delicious it would be desirable to all I'm glad sure that you have another one gray course because not all times women I look I see your eyes Now they tell
  • 14:39: is try try now all try Help yourself please jam orange peel for all you like jam orange peel I liked and now Oranges are we please more thank you so much youtube if you greetings I liked this video click to subscribe and then all the best
  • 15:10: recipes from Alla Kovalchuk you know first girlfriend obzaviduyutsya