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  • 00:07: hello this time I'll show how to make this pretty basket confome which can serve as Lucero the celebrations of our girls really It is very easy to do and look what pretty ruse to make going to first need our molds the what these This is to make the central part of the canastita is this base
  • 00:31: florecita and this is to do it is If the molds cage I'll leave the description this video thereafter and will take you where these molds are or can otherwise write me directly to my email john maine arroba and will gladly they sent Well then to show canastita first thing we will do We are going to cut this part in the
  • 01:02: previous video of how to cut it I showed them how to cut or rather how to mark us or me was that cut this part and now nothing then let's finish cut this other part that is the basis for it explained to them that we will mark com our car is wand is for
  • 01:34: that it is not loaded with black ink or some other color and was spotted and because it looks as feito or sometimes even we have to cut a little more since it is not enough to hide it well which it is the ink pen we use Therefore it is preferable best done with it is stick or mentioned them
  • 02:00: with a pen of those who sometimes longer no paint and no longer serves well thus marking here it has been drawn if reached to nothing to grab our scissors Special to cut the fomin +7 special because as mentioned must have scissors only
  • 02:31: for that purpose to last us over the edge Now you only need to cut and and so we left and what will be the basis Our basket Well now we do have our parts
  • 03:00: this going to be the base canastita and we cut it previously linked him You must have two centimeters two centimeters wide and 30 centimeters Long is about what already through what the minita we fom sell and if we can not cut of this size as mentioned they are 30 centimeters also need and having cut before so that
  • 03:31: It is this part of the flower here it is to begin to blur our work and then nothing more and operating with what is silicone Well then let's start with the we blur this part will use the green and there is we will only blur what a
  • 04:00: side so and so we will have been the blur what is the basis of our basket
  • 04:30: Now let's do this part are nice and it brings what is the book but it will be more beautiful and We give voice blurred by side also in so let's do we will put a colored rosita how good is it anyway dark or what the family coming a little stronger
  • 05:04: and now nothing more to do the also blurred what will be our florecita for florecita I I'll be a blurred red because I want to make a color contrasting to highlight what is the canastita you can put the
  • 05:31: color that they like Orange and good use here now then we will put what is a Red color and Well now there is nothing else to look a little flower that means you do It is also found we will see the peguemos last thing is what the
  • 06:00: that best fits you and makes you or find and once we shipowning the next step is going to mark the ribs go in this part and make it do something having a by tita such as He makes it very happy with the supplied stylus they said we can score well there and art is marked today we can
  • 06:30: do with a captive would therefore much easier good this time I'll do with pencil and then I'm going to show what is the technique of using This soldering iron used for video so recorded and more if possible perfectly to make many designs what is the bottom this is the I showed later while watching then make our print or type pyrography with what the pen
  • 07:00: if we score well It is achieved so well appreciated how very nice was recorded Besides to give this effect
  • 07:32: Also here we will do what following with a bit of the home and We'll paint it so much logically we will pass on what which are the ribs so we can do it with your finger even so no more
  • 08:07: along the two ways for see what hamas cross or to chequen more than anything that the effect it is almost as sometimes it is not need to have great tools to make some nice work but simply because there is to know implement what we have at hand and
  • 08:31: look good chair gives a boost to this part makes highlight a little more than anything else the last will what are the dots to give him Brighten our work not forgetting also lack of blur what is passing pla
  • 09:09: Now that nothing else will start weapons and our silicone canastita hot to start thinking then our first canastita we do some cuts to what are the petals our flower about we cut a
  • 09:30: centimeter inward and in each of them for this allow us to do it this way lift and be able to hit and now that we have we cut this liquid in which it is the other peta we can not match it to make it for us best and we have so let's start
  • 10:01: use our silicone gun this way we will place only a little silicone in this part were alone and only is the putita well and we will not do so because if not we would be too close or you want it but in this case It is that I made is only so
  • 10:32: very mild so you have to be united the petal one another let's put a little more because there He hit well Yes now We learned so as to make it more
  • 11:01: fast and now called mosquera and We do the same with each of the LEDs and petals and left us formed what will be our canastita nothing more hours You have to hit in this part
  • 11:33: and and we will paste what is the passat and Lete Lasa seeks to put in one of the
  • 12:00: hojitas meetings because for tape of this part and look more beautiful and we wait for Tellería Now if we put a little more on this lack We waited a few moments preference to ensure that it is dry and We can not get up and have to be He explained relocating again
  • 12:57: since this part is dry what we will do is we will stick
  • 13:01: Here's part to make it right coupled with what the florecita here let's put silicone on the part of in the middle yes and hours and look will have been well fixed and do the same on the other side and
  • 13:35: Mireia is becoming better educated our basket nothing more now in this part you have to put a little more for This part is well ajustadita not raises once we have it so let's put what the flower is let's put it here
  • 14:03: A) Yes and nothing else as I mentioned we're going to superimpose him what flowers you have here and this is that since we or we can sell cut some give some color center we choose let's see what that is you better if yellow or pink or same
  • 14:30: orange I think the yellow is for you It goes a little better then we will hit whom the center previously and says one one circulito also paints it red red to stick it in the middle and not highlight it further and combine with what is dithering flower
  • 15:01: well and practically look is already finished our canastita and finally nothing but let's give that touch that makes it look pretty with white dots makes it more the mold is the same here in these but here simply baskets
  • 15:30: petals does not make them both that nothing the least that can and it asked us a little longer to you also see the contrast how they can be but in fact the same mold with which did nothing rather than he mentions them depends on This part of how the paste how they will be closed and canastita size also because it will have Well let 's then put paint white put a little so it is not
  • 16:02: easier and nothing more with the tip a brush if they do not have there I seen that there are some of them as plastiquito with whistles so that it can put faster you no longer know me but well sometimes we do not have as I said then tools such as we can implement with anyone we will do it with the tip of a brush and let's just put some dots so ensuring that one is bigger than
  • 16:30: another to not remain as three different size how beautiful and it has been our basket with white dots that put him give special enhancement was like more light to our work makes it look because finer and good friend because I hope
  • 17:00: this craft has been his liking if so he gave up and we We see you in the next tutorial to then do