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  • 00:00: Hello again dear mistress INTER RAO needlewoman and academics after the lesson where we were entertained by nfc Timonina first with paints and tinted Fund Then I got painted frost is a very useful want valuable advice to you m him to give this advice from Dolan Boris Nowakowski St. Petersburg GEL told me that the paint They are not always subscribed to the jars so you need to very carefully look
  • 00:30: not to become green than not use black if we use a black t need it to do so but with very great care otherwise it may get dirty and sometimes this is the very dark dark green paint hides content but it looks like a black hiding It crossed out really dark green very convenient to use obtaining from such different shades great day here's a look that's so on board is used cape of such boxes on scene
  • 01:00: here's how it looks like and here are included here paint there for six years, Comrade rosy red yellow green blue and black just Paint sold separately and their in general, look carefully choose and since we will now do with you long-promised growth and open seredinka on such I decided Now this sort of rose called prose does not sort the matter is Charlotte I learned how to make these roses
  • 01:31: assured range of EUR list and no one knows where it online community named Charlotte so Kirichko dictatorship He dedicated himself
  • 02:03: what we need but always tape and in this case, if you want to very chic times do personality You can certainly use a percentage thread to do in the middle, French model but the roof we reach I will use two clients dimensions 12 millimeters and 25 explain why I I make I have tried to do here is such a
  • 02:30: seredinku such rosettes and wide but tape is not very nice the middle of a very deep this is the place and how it does not look very advantageous where to start very easy to open the middle of a we do here so we'll leave the tip ribbons see shall receive the hold and just Ambassador MMC attacks on the mat on her finger turn 2
  • 03:00: all open Seredenko finished As we proceed further tips we send down to them from us then closed and no small verses as we We have done repeatedly along except for security officer collecting but Seretide we need to go as the falsehood and stop all their money and then of course Tatiana Here I look at the entire circumference held overcast
  • 03:30: cn do not need to fasten not Taraz wings in the middle as usual fasting and prayer closed here's what we've got middle, done Now we need to twist itself bed for this we take the second our wide ribbon and here I will not prompt much as I we need, I'm used to good Life was a report of this fight, so needles
  • 04:01: space useful for us the same that most were use their tails are we stayed and begin to sew somewhere to attach it to our middle, just grab this here scale necessary to carry and when it is necessary to begin to gain a foothold to form the petals We have already done it themselves it's not scary here is the case when very comfortably keep to the middle point
  • 04:31: fasten deposed petal in the position in which you liked and continue tighten belt see when So at this stage we have petals suit under the ice rink this slovenly pruning our assurance of his bear so we had a well as the beginning of the stems that will is that we do not interfere with the beauty and will continue to form petals We will twist the strip
  • 05:00: but it's doing there, he repeatedly so it was already able to do the most difficult stage of the beginning Here I will now again reminded lead here First I was growing up petals continuation of the torsion we are with you We will do exactly this precision that we want business is so quiet I creating future it seems to me sufficient cow
  • 05:32: unfortunate pretty remarkable not it remains only to fix it no points to consolidate that who was firmly but the remaining tail logically we have also with you to cultivate what we do we cut Well as a reasonable limit on that I would not collapsed without flower biopolymer when poliment not only will
  • 06:03: Feed max persons but also in terms of the Slovene together pigtails will not do all very very super duper safe Abakan flower at this stage we leave aside side and now we will do if he note this year he is big fat chic twist Rose and checking affair with a width of two half centimeter but this is much more modest Yen open it is more difficult to do this is done by 12
  • 06:30: I still millimeters and clarity for it to be easier and will see and understand Batura seized two and a half width centimeter by experience to make the bar's back ribbons two and a half width centimeter tape should take 15 meters I last cut 18 18 in the hands of both the rebels meters the hands Well as you see fit is about stories the estate is very very comfortable the way standards from what I know for sure that it is 18 meters I
  • 07:02: I tried on a lot of RUSNANO in the lineup, and now knows so I'll take honors the memory of the saints 15 there is not very much play a role as we will cut the ribbon in a straight line at right angle of 45 degrees or below, I checked it does not matter, and one end of the monopoly on versions watering carefully so that we in a tough Territory was not and that we do look at me very Artist stage Here we ribbons
  • 07:30: we take the deletion of a pound such as stew like cap for a new century I must say that we are already half Steve Levine made contrasting thread I Take the green contrasting thread that life at the front in normal conditions, of course I would take red and what I'm doing here and here secured two layers together you see
  • 08:00: I have stayed here a tail note our scorched end needs can be here with this country, both Police also not to mess with Which side Chizhov and the tail folded along in two like that on the long side and just fold I folded the neatly enough tightly and as soon as I reach our cap Novikov
  • 08:31: I'm here this tale I take and put back inside Now you see it we have with you two layers They were assigned we naturally continue this Sholokhov along chrome sunglasses in the same manner to form whether it is the womb of a check and we have now generally all hide in here is strong enough, he twisted so do not be afraid that something and to show
  • 09:00: the reverse side as the cream of the cake ducts and here when we come to the place where two ribbons overlap one another street we will try capture two layers or one layer generally we will try to give yourself fun as usual but I had banners did not immediately react very strongly density I I watch so that I have as much as possible Once inside all that I have here this here shovchik Well closed neatly
  • 09:30: all though it all So you see I shall now put the rivet anywhere ready Here's how it looks absolutely gorgeous it does not fall apart nothing to him I do not need there is here do Sholokh He is very reliable and is kept like this I love we are with you easily and naturally We made a search pattern as Charlotte Irina kiev devoted Krutskikh here
  • 10:01: so we ourselves have done but bar it's not the finished work, we also need to conduct that you have long been promising for a long time you intriguing and therefore we will talk to you next time