Galina Gladchenko

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  • 00:00: step 4 put on the table image full-size then cork or Christina pads pads on glass first operation Report handbags line ubs Nemtsov and ribbon lead tape is laid accurately press
  • 00:31: a few shots already this most clearly see sequence in a statement at gluing tape be determined so to Andrei Savinykh tips closed subsequent change So around Petrushin FC
  • 01:58: finished drawing
  • 02:00: Help Opens in a small for a snug fit moments glass The following operation fill pattern color stained film for this operation, turn the glass on the other side exclude from the bottom illumination pieces of color film Ukraine 23 thousand of these themes exactly shocking falcon network
  • 02:31: stick the film to the glass is recommended the smallest to avoid bubbles air all the tricks and subtleties of funded pensions discussed in detail in our full throughout the creation of Victor Yushchenko
  • 03:10: when ten son filled film we repeat the com metal strip closes film flight finishing operation blacking we just wipe the liquid tape blacking and at the conclusion of this operation,
  • 03:31: remove stains from the liquid wet cloth
  • 04:05: our Petrashko FC