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  • 00:00: welcomed friends and in this video we you talk about one simple great applets which helps to restore order and on your said that the note before your computer and it is activated Ramos operating system so to speak with the right regulations otherwise there is the right time without files Clean your registry evaluation date various debris so to speak
  • 00:32: and is a member of this program, get the agenda of the Board My one friend, she just covered He spoke and did not fit in with them interested in the evening of the same day look I find this program I found that one very interesting site let's move on his is it is 3 hectares was it a free program points rubles they say you'll see Now the status of the site
  • 01:02: it is estrogen We believe time will enjoy think there site because I'm going to write ciao the percentage of a large amount of video lessons on the use of different the usefulness of free programs Yes Now that is and the rest of his Buzek not once and decorate Review various martyr paid program that could be helpful to you and for your computer as well ha
  • 01:31: comfortable working here such but let's move directly to the eyes but our useful program says expert it is called as the program or give honor to watch this free program yes and that optimizes your operating system like I said turnout earlier that's really the truth smart but I was very comfortable and there
  • 02:00: undoubtedly leave positive impressions about the possibility of sheet the screenshots sold but here and let just let's move on the stage where it can be given a sponsor please periodically there are data program in May at 0 7 and 9 May is not very good set 4 second is absolutely quick and easy i.e no extra effort from you
  • 02:30: required after downloading it program data let's run it, I had already established so probably better to start with the atlas v work desk you are welcome we launched this program and let's order so
  • 03:01: investors analyze the state order and the status of the program, see updates made so the people that is the current version if update it will automatically exit updated you click that button update but I see how it is the latest version update neglect were after a while you can go back and successfully update the program
  • 03:30: prototype free edition so you license never Now that is use please Health on this program always as they say Now we move on to old investors one click can be cleaned tour registry read put reshoot tick yes what is well here I advise you to it immediately with a single click is not yet and promise to deal with more Inspection data
  • 04:00: ha, this function will be used well that supplies the translation of family here and be able to like a mountain so sure 18 that you need to start that I needed to be cleaned modules but the start date then through a third and nakladochka we pass on the street cleaning contributor and here I have recently made a clean disk I have two disks Hard offers advice on my computer
  • 04:31: press a button then starts to revere scanning data out of the chair like scan one drive to remove ticks most video disc that is simple additionally also contributors there can stop remote while Paul horde that is, ii Davydov removed from its run turned husband courier can return click on the button RIA Novosti and m and saved backup which makes the program you will be able to successfully recover all that
  • 05:02: It has been removed Now please click on the button will continue scanning or you can see the screen that took place then and remove what you need simple enough I have already made clean You can also see street Now this item back Registry Cleaner I m here to execute the search press
  • 05:31: the whole body is all that is done performed do you know which of your hands that registry She quickly filled yes Hail the necessary files and I treated ourselves daily water and monitor the state of the machine Register includes disks Of course we will have to accumulate enough and checks will naturally I pay a lot of mistakes Troubleshooting but it is easily corrected capital
  • 06:00: seconds and cleansed their registries one keystroke that is, performed by YANAO let's make mistakes from a small window appears that such a conclusion and then what is the problem so there is a coach after a fashion tent should be you just one malfunction she still you wedge platforms It can be called is known to please all parties that is all as simple as possible
  • 06:31: the easiest way is beneficial to all in excellent style have a convenient pressure stalls celebrating any malfunctions 1 dax Stalin on your desktop they undertake not to use it because as if I'm still confident the framework of which are on the working distance of 100 percent a manager or uninstallation look very comfortable in Kuntsevo March 1 gave stopped programs on He said the lawyer, and the inscription is much
  • 07:01: there is and if you use a computer and only You're the only benefit China you can see which programs have been installed without your knowledge so to say see the date please install I stopped Today is May eighth day of August 8 balance is established, the program Please, you can view information about it yes please
  • 07:30: Why what version update I know where you installed the most important thing but sometimes could on the lens Vorkuta or simply can quench this program further course I do it gives a very necessary program yes and please can use but the second stage we can act action Now percent that is how we see really
  • 08:02: very helpful pound Sidorsky helpful manager You can also the third tab optimization manager Avtozavodskaya run exclude and there the percentage of data changed startup program that is if you see here so I soap people her baking that is enough cook put a tick inclusive increase enough to remove the tick with him
  • 08:30: Isaac needed programs and they Kazan will be automatically excluded from Avtozavodskaya what else wanted to tell but there optimization memory and Here you can see the boot your memory Yes but to do there does not suggest we simply through me see what 300 Well these items yet I do not advise to touch until I
  • 09:00: taken with a parachute the assessment that applies if it enough just to make him clean that is not necessary If yes what is the jungle Here you can also see the private downturn choose Pavel different families and stop it MTS have been allocated YANAO here it is there and can be more about power decrypt file yes
  • 09:30: choose file sometimes just put iii deletes the original file that is encrypted yes really important very important when programs It can be carried out analysis of the disk that is from council look so which features there is a search for empty and folders look can scan Yes paptiya will desert you can remove
  • 10:01: not to litter it is important to in action all the purpose of the system was indeed You work full working order in this way looked familiar to Tampa program, I think that it is useful you again and again dear friends I end the data fives and up to one meetings