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  • 00:00: [music] Welcome to the cooking salads we always We come with special diligence carefulness because salads precede the feast We offer you a prescription very tasty and jewelery festive salad and to prepare a salad festive 100 grams of raisins soaked in warm water bowl rub 200
  • 00:30: grams of cheese add 4 crushed cloves garlic and well mix In a separate bowl rub 2 carrots adding previously soaked and squeezed raisins stir and set aside aside take another bowl 200 grams boiled in their skins beet and purify
  • 01:01: rub on a coarse grater 50 grams of prunes seedless chop shred into strips 50 grams of walnuts nuts add the prunes and nuts and beetroot good turntables [music] on or in the dish salad bowl laid carrot layer raisin grease 100 grams
  • 01:31: mayonnaise [music] the next layer of grated cheese with garlic and again 100 grams mayonnaise recipe cooking homemade mayonnaise you found under sauces on our website or in Russian
  • 02:02: next layer beet with prunes and nuts cover salad the remaining mayonnaise decorate with dried apricots and greenery We serve a salad festive as the cold starter with fresh home bread recipes home Bread can be found on our website
  • 02:31: or in Russian section bread inspiration luck and Bon Appetit [music] [music] [music]
  • 03:08: [music]